Monday, April 26, 2010

Candy Cane Poll

I have a poll on my page, in the upper right hand corner...asking "What color nail polish do you prefer?"

Why do I ask this? Because the overwhelming answer will help me decide what color I will feature in my FIRST GIVEAWAY EVER!

So come out and vote, tell me what color you love!

Also THANK YOU to everyone who is following or visits my blog, I can not believe I have so many followers so soon, Thank You!

You all are so wonderful!
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Rebecca said...

Only one choice? Nooo fnsofdhsf it's too hard! I like all colours :p
You came so highly recommended from other bloggers I couldn't not follow you! Loving your posts so far as well :D

Jackie S. said...

@ Rebecca- Thanks, this was my first poll and I tried to change the setting but it won't let me. Let me see what "blogger magic" I can conjure up :P

Jackie S. said...

Okay all fixed, you can now have multiple votes :P

KrisInPhilly said...

I'm enjoying your blog! I passed an award on to you.

Jackie S. said...

@ KrisInPhilly- Sweet! Thanks!

aaminahs mom said...

hi i voted earlier, glad to see that more than choice is availible. i enjoy your blog :)

rmcandlelight said...

How fun...I put my multiples in :)

ChaosButterfly said...

lol, no "holographic" option?

Jackie S. said...

@aaminahs mom- Yes, I'll do anything to make my followers happy :)

@rmcandlelight- Great!

@chaosbutterfly- We'll count that under "metallics" for now ;P