Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Skater Ramp Manicure!

It's that time of year again, SUMMER or as I like to call it "The time when my nephew sends me repeat iMessages asking for a ride to the skate park", LOL!

Yep, I know he will ask me at least a couple of times, and this summer I may even say "yes", LOL!

So this manicure is for him!

I used two new colors to the Nicole by OPI collection, "Teal Me Something New" and "This Blue Is So You!".

I applied two coats of each color to the corresponding nail, and then I topped the opposite colors on the center fingers, using a swiping motion with the brush. No stickers, tape or stencils.

Because N.O.P.I's formula is not the most opaque in one coat, it took several swipes and coats to get the top color to cover the nail in the ramp design.

"Teal Me Something New" is a an amazing teal green creme. GORGEOUS and covers well in two coats, however this one stained my nail beds HORRIBLY!  I actually had an idea that this would stain, so I applied two coats of base coat, but it still stained some of the edges of my nail bed. :(

"This Blue Is So You!" is a muted dark blue creme... not black and not navy, just dark blue. Great in two coats for a regular manicure, but not thick enough or opaque enough for layering nail art.

The teal creme covered amazingly well. The dark blue did not cover as well, and left a couple bald spots on the ramp design. :( No matter, I think I'll replicate this for an upcoming manicure for an event, using another brand. :)

Now that I am looking at this design, it also reminds me of the old Atari symbol.  You can grab these colors and others by Nicole by OPI, at your local drugstore or Target  :)

Keep It Sweet!

*Product sent by PR for review.
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Ananka said...

This is pretty and I like the colours you've used :-)

Briana NailACollegeDropOut said...

those colors look really well together.

Jackie S. said...

Thank You, I loved the colors...not the staining, LOL!