Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Porcelain Nails

Hello, the official day of Summer begins June 21st...are you ready? I'm not, LOL!

Summer is a very busy time for me, this is the time of year I grow SUPER envious of my friends who are teachers and educators. If they choose, they get the summer off, and I DO NOT! Grrrrr :(
Back to my manicure. With this manicure, I wanted a porcelain white manicure, but I did not want all white nails.  So I used...

My ever faithful OPI "Alpine Snow" and for a little "kick" Pretty Serious "BSOD" ...which stands for "Blue Screen of Death". LOL!  Yep, you know the screen you get when your computer goes to CRAP...yep, that's the one!

I topped both with matte top coat by Butter London, and I was done!

OPI "Alpine Snow" applied well in two coats and with the matte top coat is remind me of a perfect porcelain bowl.

"BSOD" was a breeze, too! Two coats of each color, one coat of fast dry top coat and then one coat of matte top coat. Wallah!

Pretty Serious "BSOD" is an amazing blue glitter, it dries to a smooth high shine and twinkles indoors and under the sun, gorgeous! It even sparkles with a matte top coat...nothing is stopping this blue glitter from shining!

I loved this manicure, and with all the top coats and layers, it lasted a full 5 days, no chips! :)

Keep It Sweet!

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Ananka said...

This is very pretty! I like what you've done with Alpine Snow! I used the Ciate Paper Doll polish and it was a nightmare to apply :-|

Cindi O said...

I love the contrast between the crisp cool white and that gorgeous sparkley blue.