Thursday, August 19, 2010

My lemming

I received this from a blogger in a blogger sale. Because I recently swatched Barielle's "Blackened Bleu", and they are kissin cousin, it prompted me to do this one too! :)

China Glaze
"Blk Bila Bong"
2 coats

So happy my lovely lemming has finally arrived in my hot little hands!

Lovely blackened blue with an awesome shimmer! Love it!

Look at that baby shine...whoo hoo!

Now I know why this polish is soo hard to find, I think I may need another??  Do you have this polish or any of the colors from this collection??

FYI, I saw the new mini Halloween collection from OPI "Go Goth", and the color "Unripened" is very close to this. 
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rmcandlelight said...

I love this polish and want it badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is so lovely on you!! :)

Katrina said...

oh! that sure is a pretty polish! :)

L said...

I love this one. Isnt she pretty? I have 2 of them right now LOL

Amberski said...

Looks gorgeous on you!!

Jackie S. said...

@ L- GIRRRLLL! Hold on to those babies!

@rmcandlelight- I understand your pain, don't give up hope, I didn't! :)

@ Katrina and Amberski- Thank U :P

amusedPolish said...

it looks beautyful :O

I need to find me a bottle of this

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

That's a nice color. I have a Creative polish that looks like a dupe to that.

Audrey said...

Me haz and is still in me untrieds!! *waves hi* I was catching up on my reading with your blog and they just BLUE me away!! Gorgeous blues. Gorgeous nails. Gorgeous new page - love the backdrop!! :-) *nom nom nom jelly beans*

Jackie S. said...

@ Lacquer ware- Really? a Catrice dupe...awesome! When you dig up the name, drop me a line :)

@ Audrey- Thank you! and I am so happy you are back!

Spaceinvaders said...

Pretty! :D

aaminahs mom said...

i was one who asked for this comparison and gracias!!!! there is a sinful called "what your name kissin cuz also..did't get bbb but i have the barielle and sinful so i'm good...pretty mani

Pretty said...

i like this.. i like the last post color more i'm picky.

Jackie S. said...

@aaminahs- I will still do a finger comparison, that's coming up next week. I also have the Sinful, so I'll do all of them at once, stay tuned!

@ Pretty- the blue creme IS gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Looks good on you!!