Monday, August 16, 2010

Barielle "Blackened Bleu"

So dark, so pretty!

I have had tremendous luck lately and I have won A LOT of contest, so as a big thank you to the blog community and to my followers, I am preparing 4 huge giveaway prizes for September/October, 4 weeks, 4 prize packages.

I have to buy my own colors, so stay tuned while I go shopping! :):)

Barielle Blackened Bleu
3 coats

This polish started off thin, but layered nicely.  After the 3rd coat it was bottle "perfect"!

I've heard that this color is close to  Sinful "See you soon", China Glaze "Blk Bila Bong" (coming up this week), and Nicole by OPI "It gets dark early" (coming up this week). 

I think I may compare them all and see if any of them are dupes!

Happy Monday :)
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maRyya said...

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amusedPolish said...

awesome color, suits you well :)

L said...

This is gorgeous. Looks great on you!

Ali's Nail News said...

Beautiful color! I have this one on my want list. :-) Looks great on you!

I tagged you for an award....


AnnKiins'♥ said...

Omggg, gorgeous blue <3
Looks like the new NYC blue as well!

jbrobeck said...

must. buy. barielle.
must. payoff. phone.

this are the dilemmas of my lives (life)

Jackie S. said...

@ Everyone- Thanks for the compliments :)

@Ali's Nail News- Thanks :)

@jbrobeck- I know what you mean! I have to pay bills, but non of that stopped me from dropping $75 dusty shopping this weekend ...oye vay! :)

Orlica said...

It's really similar to my fav polish!
Join my giveaway: :)

Makena said...

I love the dark blue on you! It looks so good!