Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Zoya: Magical Pixie Collection Spring 2014, swatches and review

Zoya released this new collection of Pixies in February 2014, but these are different. They are Magical Pixies!

Yes, the trio of chunky holographic beauties are from Zoya, and they are "pixies", but I don't think they are THAT magical, LOL.

Here they are!

Zoya "Cosmo"
2 coats, no top coat

I think these may need some top coat to help them sparkle on camera.  In person they sparkle a lot in the sun.:)

"Cosmo" with 1 coat of top coat

There's that sparkle and shimmer that everyone loves :) "Cosmo" is a silver glitter fest with holographic glitter.  It was thick, which was expected with something so chunky, but was opaque in 2 coats.

Zoya "Vega"
2 coats, no top coat

"Vega" is a light blue glitter with holographic glitter. This applied in the same way as "Cosmo",  thick, but opaque in 2 coats.

Zoya "Lux"
2 coats, no top coat

This is a light pink glitter with holographic glitter.  Application was the same. Opaque in 2 coats.

You can tell from my lack of commentary, that I am not a fan of these chunkier pixies. I love the first versions of the pixie, they are amazing, and I will be sporting them again this Spring.

These however, I'm not so sure about.

They are too chunky for my liking.  I used to like chunky glitter, but in my old age, LOL, I have no patience for its removal, even when I use the "foil method"!

I may be able to use them in nail art for glitter gradients over a similar base color, or something to that effect.

Zoya is releasing more Magical Pixies next month, and I will be reviewing those as well. I hope they bring on the glitter, without all the "chunk", LOL!

Keep It Sweet!

These are available at zoya.com and they retail for $10.

*Product provided by PR for review 
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Kinga Koble said...

Beautiful and honest review! Thank you for that! Oh, and have you tried peel off base coat instead of the foil method? I use white glue (like Elmers) and it's cheap and works like a charm. The glitter just pops off :)


really pretty!

Moni said...

I love the silver one, because of the chunkyness.
I think that's one of the things I can't grow too old for :-P
The other colours aren't mine.

I still dream of one in perfect chunky gold!

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)