Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nicole by OPI New Matte's

You all know the story, I was in Walmart minding my business, looking for a Brita Filter (which I did not find) when all of a sudden I was in inexplicably standing in the nail polish aisle..POOF!.....WTF?!

I swear I'm drawn to this aisle in EVERY store I visit....I'm not alone...right? *crickets in the background*

So I found these, and of course I grabbed the blue one first and then the black.

The Navy Blue was VERY necessary after that horrible matte from OPI "Russian Navy" (that was such a disappointment!)... and when I saw the black, that had to go in my basket as well.

Nicole by OPI- MATTE
"No Limits"
2 coats

YES, I used a base coat and yes it dried fast, but not too fast before I smudged my middle finger ( I semi-fixed it).  It dried Matte as you can see with a really nice shimmer.

And then I added 1 coat of top coat.

Yeah..UH HUH...gorgeous!

To make sure the polish stays shiny, 2 coats of top coat is necessary, the first coat gets semi-sucked into the polish! Succubus!

With these polishes,the shiny sparkly color you see in the bottle is EXACTLY what you get when you add top coat!

Here's the Black "Razzle Dazzler" MATTE, same process used here as well.

Actually the black is a bit cooler than the navy...OMG....Did I just type that?!? Love these mattes.  the wear-time is about 2 days before the first chip, the usual, but with a top coat its longer :)

Also, this past Friday, I broke a nail on my "non-swatch" hand, and so this past weekend I spent the entire time swatching over 35 polishes in my un-trieds, just so I could cut my nail and let them all grow in evenly together, all the while making sure you had nice swatches to look at..instead of my "growing nubbins" :)

I DO NOT suggest this to anyone to do, it made for a VERY VERY long weekend!!!

Happy Hump Day!
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amusedPolish said...

I agree with you. royal navy suede was a dissapointment... razzle dazzler looks a bit like suzi skies in the pyrenees suede to me... only less silvery

Jackie S. said...

@ amused- You are right about Suzi, I do not have it, but they have the same "inner shimmer", RD is just darker. :)

Danielle said...

super cool! i love how the blue one looks like denim! I defiantly want to pick that one up if I can find it!

AnNeTtEe said...

ugh! you're makin me wanna run to Walmart like now!!! & it's not even open yet!! hahaha.. those n/p's are gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing! =)

Zara said...

I looked at that display yesterday in Walmart, and these were my two favorites! I think I'll go back and get them...

Anonymous said...

loooooooooooove the blue. I blame my new blue obsession on you, solely ;)

kelliegonzo said...

wow the blue is really stunning!

Tassa said...

The blue on in glossy version is stunning! <3

Enamel Girl said...

OMG you did 35 swatches......

I'm still waiting to find these. Maybe I should hit up Wally world.

That blue looks even better with a top coat!

Jackie S. said...

@scandalously- I'll take full responsibility for that...LOL!

@Enamel Girl- Yeah it was a rough weekend, but I just had to do it, I'm a sick one! :)

@ Everyone- The blue is really worth it, the black one, not so much if you have SSTP- by OPI and ManGalze.

ABOP said...

Love the blue! But on a no-buy now =(
35 swatches? Lordy!
I can't even swatch two without getting sick of the all the np-related smells, so now I only swatch colors that I put on and feel meh about. You're Amazing!

Jackie S. said...

@ ABOP..amazing? NAH! Certifiable..OH YEAH! :P