Thursday, July 29, 2010

My First Lippmann and a new discovery

You guys remember the story from a couple weeks ago when I ran to Nordstrom's at 7am to get moisturizer and grabbed this beauty, well here are the full swatches and my newest discovery!

3 coats of perfection, but let me tell you taking this off was a P.I.T.A....I could not believe how bad this glitter stuck to my hand. 

Its a dark blue jelly base with bright blue glitter along with green and blue hexagon larger glitter...GORGEOUS!

I did the "foil method", I did the "soak method" and finally I did the "Jackie Method", I scrapped off the remaining glitter with my teeth!  The big pieces of hexagonal glitter stuck the worse.

No matter how much I may complain about the removal of this little beauty, wearing this was ALL MY PLEASURE! Gorgeous, I loved it, I can not wait to get my hands on "Bad Romance" and the new anniversary collection.

OHHH and my new bathroom at 5pm is the perfect light box for photos (at least its good at sundown)...LMAO!

It's white!
I have a small top window that lets in the sun perfectly at 5-6pm!
It's perfect!

I know I'm certifiable, taking pics in my bathroom, but when I came home and it was too late to catch the sun in my yard after work, I was desperate.

I almost gave up and when I went in my bathroom to wash my hands, I looked up and it hit me.....the blinding sun coming thru my bathroom window....I grabbed the camera, and away I went. 

Don't the pics look good?...LMAO!...I love stupid discoveries like this !
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Jen said...

LOL @ the Jackie Method!! It took me FOREVER to get that polish off, but it's so pretty that I'll wear it again anyway!

rmcandlelight said...

Lol!! The Jackie Method! I'm sure instead of having gold teeth you have silver/blue teeth. lol! I love it :) Yes, your pictures are great!! Hmm, maybe I should check my bathroom! Thanks for sharing :)

amusedPolish said...

the jackie method :D

and the polish seems to be worth the effort

Anonymous said...

lmao at the jackie method! lolz! awesome discovery. wish my house didn't suck and have bad lighting

Nea said...

Jackie method :D :D :D

I hate glitters, really, so pretty BUT... LOL

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

Jackie S. said...

@ Everyone- "Jackie Method" ...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, the big pieces were glued to my nail, it was hilarious, I should have taken a pic :)

ABOP said...

Hmmm... This is why I stay away from rhinestones and only use the occasional nail sticker, lol!

I'm glad you've found great lighting! I wish I could as I usually have to take my photos after the sun has set.

KarenD said...

The pics do look good! I guess using your teeth is better than using the nails on your opposite hand. :)

Zara said...

SO pretty! I love the Jackie Method, but it's not just you - I have done that before, haha. You're right, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! :D

Your pictures and lighting look great! I've never taken pictures in my bathroom, but I watch vloggers on YouTube that swear their bathrooms have better lighting than anywhere else in the house. :)