Monday, July 26, 2010

My Helmer and My Stash!

Okay so 3 weeks ago I finally took a trip to IKEA to grab a Helmer.

Before the Helmer my polish was stored in the refrigerator, shelves, baskets and boxes, so the Helmer was MUCH NEEDED!

This is the best $39 bucks I have ever spent! ( I should of grabbed two).

The pics are taken from a side angle the handle of the drawer is on the left side of the pics.  They are longer drawers than I thought they would be.  I organized my drawers by brand first.

Here it is!

Top Drawer:
Top coats, treatments, extra tools, stickers decals, empty OPI DS boxes, my moisturizing gloves and socks and bowls for water marble.

2nd Drawer:
Orly, Color Club, Essie, RBL, American Apparel, H&M, and  European brands.

3rd Drawer:
Pure Ice, GAP, Oil of Olay, P10, Essence, LA Colors, Claires, Funky Fingers, ULTA, Victoria Secrets, Express, Butter London

4th Drawer:
L'Oreal, Maybellines, Sally Hansen, Revlon, Sinfuls.

5th Drawer:
China Glaze, Zoya, Diamond Cosmetic, Nfu-Oh.

6th drawer (bottom Drawer):
 OPI and Nicole by OPI.

After I bought the Helmer I noticed the bottles slide in the drawer, so I used some of the Styrofoam from the packaging to take up space in the drawer (that's the white bars in the pics).

Then I went to target the following weekend to get "Shelf  Grip Liners" in black.  That's the textured design you see at the bottom of the drawer.  This helped the slipping issue, and it only took one roll to do all 6 drawers

I also put the heaviest drawers on the bottom, so that when I opened the drawer on the top, the Helmer would not tip.  That would make me cry! :(

So now I have only 1 shelf that is devoted to just "Un-Trieds", here they are, laid out
Spring/Summer Un-trieds

Fall/Winter Un-trieds

Once these have been worn as a full manicure, they will go in the Helmer, but based on my pics, I don't know if they will fit.......LMAO!

Back to IKEA I go :):)
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Zara said...

Is that Zoya Malia I see in the untrieds?? If so, USE IT. :D I love that color.

Spunkster said...

nice stash! i totally have winter/fall and summer/spring colors in my stash too :P sometimes i feel bad for having an untried for months, but i just don't feel right wearing it now if it's a "winter" polish. glad to know im not the only one who thinks like this lol

amusedPolish said...

do I see ds glamour or fantasy? :o

Veronica said...

Wow thats a great collection!

Jackie S. said...

@Zara- NO I don't have Malia, but now I may be adding it to my list soon :)

@Spunksters- yes, I just naturally feel like wearing brighter colors in the spring and summer..but I buy ALL colors year around, a girls gotta plan ahead ;P

@amused- Both, DS Glamour is in the drawer, DS Fantasy is in the un-trieds

Jackie S. said...

@ Veronica- Thank You!

Anonymous said...

its so funny - i see more and more nail polish chicks putting all their treasures in an ikea helmer!

i need one too... actually i have one... maybe i should get rid of all the useless university stuff in there (:

Love your collection and can't wait to see more swatches of aaaaall the untried polishes!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Great idea using the rubberized grippy shelf liner to keep them from sliding. I'm going to have to steal your idea. I still can't decide if I want to keep my untrieds separate or with their brand. I have WAY too many untrieds.

Kimberly said...

Helmers abhore a vacuum; you'll be filling it up in no time. ;) heee heee

I love to see how others organize their polishes. Gives me good ideas.

KarenD said...

Yay for a Helmer! Love the peek into your stash. :)