Monday, July 19, 2010

Nfu-Oh #61

My first attempt at #61 was horrible, it didn't smooth out, it dragged, you name it, it happened!

But after I did the layering suggested by Lacquerized HERE, "How to: Make your manicure last"...I was good to go.

Here is Nfu-Oh#61....AGAIN!

I did the following:

OPI Nail Envy-Matte
Nfu-Oh Aqua Base
Nfu-Oh #61
Nfu-Oh Aqua Base
Nfu-Oh #61

The manicure lasted 2 days and then started to chip, but it was all worth it!!!!

Oh lord, just looking at these pics again, makes me want to put it on again!

Okay, so this was my first holographic from Nfu-Oh...which one should be my next Nfu-Oh holographic purchase??
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Shiny! said...

I just ordered 64 yesterday, and after seeing your pics, I hope even more that it arrives tomorrow!
Gorgeous holo :)

ABOP said...

So pretty! I like your background of jelly beans, but now I want some Jelly Bellys.

Jackie S. said...

@Shiny!- I can't wait to hear and see how #64 looks! :)

@ABOP-Yes, I like the new background too, but it also gives me cravings for something sweet :)

Jessica said...

That is simply stunning. I don't own any NFU-Oh but maybe I should.

Zara said...

That looks absolutely amazing. Wow. And I agree with ABOP about your background. :)

amusedPolish said...

oooh- holos :D
for others I'd suggest #64 and #65

mmhhh- I can't wait till mine arrive (it may even take till mid-august, but the wait will be so worth it :D)

Lucy said...

So nice!

Rebecca said...

Every time I see this I am reminded what a stunner it is. Wow!

Jackie S. said...

Thanks ladies :), I think #64 and #65 are next on my list..gorgeous!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Always fabulous! I have 64 and 65 and yes, they are must haves to your holo stash!

Anonymous said...

oh please. you know that you need the blue one. don't fight it ;)

deltacephei said...

You need all.of.them!

Jackie S. said...

I know, I know, I need ALL of them, ESPECIALLY the BLUE one..Oye vay!

Honi said...

Wow! Now thats an awesome manicure, i looove the polish :D

Honi said...

Oh and, forgot to add my blog since you dont use the URL/Name feature.