Thursday, June 10, 2010

Electric Blue Boogie!

Don't ask me what the title means, I literally name these post after whatever pops in my head. LOL 

I am determined to post about as many blues as I own so you'll be seeing a lot of blue post intermittently added to my blog....  and hold on to your bra straps...I have  A LOT of blues.:)

This was done when my nails were shorter and just growing out.  I like to cut my nails about twice to 3 times a year to start over and give them a break, that way I have fewer breaks and splits in between.

This is
China Glaze "Frost Bite"
Sally Hansen "Blue It"
L.A. Colors "Wired"
2 coats each
Frostbite is on the  Index and Ring finger.
Blue It is on the middle finger
Wired is on the pinkie
Frostbite leans more neon and is a lot more brighter than the other two.  Blue It is a great electric blue that stays true to its "Royal Blue Roots".  Wired is like the "in-between" between Frostbite and Blue It.  

Its as if the two got together and had a baby ...a blue baby...LOL!

Wired had visible brush strokes, but still delivered on the color, not bad for a buck.

I definitely like Frostbite and Blue It the best!
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jbrobeck said...

wow, i have ALOT of blues, but none of those~can you believe it~

nailsss said...

I love frostbite!

Jackie S. said...

Ladies, you have to get Frostbite, its gorgeous in person and perfect for summer.

L said...

Ive been rocking Frostbite on my toes for a week. LOVE!

susies1955 said...

Wowza! They are all so pretty. Gosh I can't change my mani again today

KarenD said...

Seems like I should have at least one of these pretties in my collection, but I do not.

Jonna said...

pretty blues :)

Tilly said...

Frostbite is stunning. I too have a few blues but none that pop as much as this. I need an electrifying blue in my life!

Jackie S. said...

@ L- Frostbite on the toes sounds nice, I think that will be my next toe color too!

@Susie- Come on, go ahead and change the color again..LOL!

@KarenD- What? None of them?

@Jonna and Tilly- Yes they are pretty!, nothing says love like a blue that POPS! :)

Ayuu said...

I love Frostbite :)

Rebecca said...

I think Blue It is my favourite, I love the colour intensity!

Michelle said...

"Electric Blue Boogie", sounds like a T.Rex song!

Jackie S. said...

@Michelle- You are right, it does..LOL!

l0verlada said...

Ooh, I have Frostbite and love it and now I think I need Blue It!

Jackie S. said...

@I0verlada- Yes you do! :)