Monday, January 14, 2013

A quick comparison: Rescue Beauty Lounge and Milani.

Good Morning, I don't know where you are or what your weather is like but here in "Sunny California , it iscold, cold, cold.  Yes, I know, it's probably colder where you are, but today was 37 degrees when I woke up, and that's NOT supposed to happen here in California as far as I am concerned, LOL!

In fact it was pretty cold all weekend, so that meant I spent a lot of time indoors, rummaging thru my stash and comparing colors. These 2 immediately jumped out at me!

Rescue Beauty Lounge "Black Russian" and Milani "Garnet Gems".

Here they are 2 coats each, no top coat.   Left to Right: RBL, Milani, RBL, Milani.

Left to Right: RBL, Milani, RBL.

Left to Right: RBL, Milani.

RBL "Black Russian" has a black creme base with ruby red glitter.

Milani "Garnet Gems" Black jelly base with ruby red glitter.

As you can see these are very close. The base in Rescue Beauty Lounge is a lot more opaque and smoother, 2 coats of this is perfect.  In the Milani, the base is thinner, thus the glitter is more prominent, and is allowed to rise to the surface, thus making this polish seem "bumpy", yet it adds more glitter "pizazz". :)

I purposefully, did not apply top coat to either, so you could see the finishes and how different they are. With top coat, both of these are smooth and gorgeous!

Left to Right: RBL, Milani, RBL, Milani.  Personally. I like the RBL version, it applied perfectly, very smooth, and I like how it maintains it's deep base and still shows the glitter off nicely.  Vampy goodness!

Left to Right: RBL, Milani.

I love how prominent the glitter is in the Milani, but the thinner base is just a bit too thin for me. If it were more opaque and a tad darker, this would be perfect! I'm sure I could wear this with 3 coats and that would rectify the situation, or apply a black base color first, but I wanted to keep the coats even for this comparison.:)

As it stands, the Milani is still a very good "lemming killer" if you want the RBL but can't drop $18 on a polish.  "Black Russian" is still available, HERE at Rescue Beauty Lounge. Milani can be found at your local drugstore, CVS or Walgreens, and online at Cherry Culture.

Keep It Sweet! and stay warm wherever you are :)

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Dema said...

I like the Milani better and the price tag that goes with it! lol. Great post :)

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

Awesome post! I prefer the subtlety and depth of the RBL, but that's pretty neat that there's a reasonable dupe for one out there.

Mommy Does said...

I LOVE the finish on RBL but LOVE the sparkle of Milani. What a dilemma!

Briana @ Nail A College Drop Out said...

*rummages thru stash* i feel like i have an icing dupe!

great comparison post jackie!