Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mash-Up: Eiffel For This Mad As A Hatter Color

I have not done a Mash-Up in a while, and this one kind of fell in my lap, LOL! I need to do more, as it is a great way to wear more colors from my "untrieds" at the same time.

OPI "Eiffel For This Color" and the ever popular OPI " Mad As A Hatter".

These 2 were next to each other on my "untrieds" shelf and they looked perfect together so... WALLAH!

OPI "Eiffel For This Color" is from the La Collection de France Fall 2008. It is a  deep, dark black purple toned cherry color with shimmer. Sooo pretty and it applied perfectly in 2 coats, no issues.

Bottle Shot

OPI "Mad As A Hatter" is from the Alice In Wonderland Collection Spring 2010.  It is a (majority purple)  multicolored glitter. I applied 2 coats without a base color and the coverage is amazing. Also, it did not dry with a CRAZY gritty finish, and with 1 coat of top coat it was PERFECT!

So blingy, so pretty! I originally had a friend of mine buy this for me when she could not find the HOLO MPJ back in 2010. She lived in Texas  (I'm in CA) and I sent her to a nail place I heard about on FB in Texas.  I couldn't have her make the 45 min. trip only to come up empty handed, so on the cell phone she said " Sorry I couldn't find the other one, but there is this pretty glitter on the counter here, it's called Mad As A Hatter".  I responded "Okay, you can grab that one for me, thanks". LOL! If only I knew then what I know now...OH MAN!!!

Here is a pick of it in indirect light.

Bottle Shot

Amazing!!!!  Keep It Sweet!

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Anna's Polish Addiction said...

I can't believe you hadn't tried MAAH! It's gorgeous isn't it!? I only have a mini bottle, but I picked it up for 50p from a car boot sale!! You're right-these colours do look great together :)

Dema said...

I saw the thumbnail and was like OMG that is one beautiful glitter polish! Of course its my lemming MAAH! lol. Great swatch sweetie, as usual.

beachgal said...

LOVE both these shades and have 'em both - how lucky you are to have Mad As A Hatter - most never will understand how come that one is so very special - much imitated but non ever really match up to MAAH! It's my all time fav glitter ever. Great photos!

JQ said...

Oooooh I still crave Mad as a Hatter! great combo!

Sandra said...

Amazing mani!

KarenD said...

Great combination!