Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rainbow Polish Star Wars Set #1

Hello my sweet tart lovelies!

Among the many loves and obsessions in my life, I have a secret! I LOVE Star Wars. Yep, I love nail polish,  PRINCE, candy, dogs, the UCLA Bruins, The New York Yankees and STAR WARS! Yep!

So when I saw that Rainbow Polish had an entire Star Wars Inspired collection, I had to have them!

Rainbow Polish is my featured "Candy Shop Of The Month" for January/February, and you can access her store by clicking on the link/picture on the right, in my sidebar. :)

There are 2 sets in the collection, and each set has 4 polishes. Here is Star Wars Inspired Set #1.

Left to Right: Artoo, Dark Side, Yo-Duh! and Trooper. Most of the polishes have a clear base, so I paired each one with a base color that best suited the glitter and color theme :)

2 coats of glitter over 1 coat of base color, no top coat.

"Artoo" and Diamond Cosmetics "Concrete Jungle".

Bottle Shots

"Artoo" has a clear base with white, dark blue, and holographic silver glitter with some added shimmer. The glitter choices are perfect, and depict "R2-D2" to a tee. :) The glitter was easy to apply, but if you are looking for more glitter saturation you will definitely need more than 2 coats. You can apply the glitter by dabbing it on, and not brushing it on and that will get you all the glitter you need :)

"Dark Side"
2 coats of glitter over 1 coat of base color, no top coat.

"Dark Side" with Diamond Cosmetics "Starry Night".

Bottle Shots

In indirect light.

"Dark Side" has a black jelly base with black hexagon and square glitters and short red bar glitter to imitate "red light sabers"...GENIUS! 

I love short bar glitter, and against this darker back drop they really stand out, and almost have an eerie glow!Super easy to apply, just brushed on 2 coats and I was done.  I think this is my favorite. :)

2 coats of glitter over 1 coat of base color, no top coat.

"Yo-Duh!" with Zoya "Tracie".

Bottle Shots

In indirect light.

"Yo-Duh!" has a light lime green jelly base with green and light green hexagons and dark grey glitter. Topping this over the Zoya really gives me the full-on "amphibian feel" of Yoda. Gotta love that little green guy! :)  

I really like how this manicure came out, the glitter was easy and smooth to apply, no issues :)

2 coats of glitter over 1 coat of base color, no top coat.

"Trooper" with Barielle "Night Moves".

In indirect light.

"Trooper"  has a clear base with varying sizes of white matte glitter and added black hexagons. There is an added shimmer to this base, but it is hard to see against this metallic base color. I really like this one,  because it covers well in 2 coats.  There isn't much to the colors in this, but then again, there isn't much to the storm troopers, LOL!

Overall my favorites are "Dark Side" and "Yo-Duh". One from the bad side and one from the good side. Ha ha! :) These glitters do not dry very gritty, so only 1 coat of top coat is needed.  

If you love polish and Star Wars you may have to buy them all (like me), but if only a couple catch your eye, get them...THE FORCE demands it, LOL! Rainbow Polish has them in stock, HERE

Each Star Wars Inspired set comes in a "mini set" option for $14, or a full sized set option for $32, or you can just get individual bottles for $8.50. She also has other polishes on her site that range from $5- $10...what a deal!

Stay tuned for my review of the second set, coming soon!  Until then, Keep It Sweet!
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Dema said...

Great swatches. I wouldn't have thought it from the bottle, but from your swatches, Trooper is my fav!

Melissa said...

Dark Side is amazing! Definitely my favorite.