Thursday, February 28, 2013

China Glaze "Tranzitions": Selected Swatches

Here are the China Glaze "Tranzitions" collection released in Winter 2012.  Basically you get 2 colors in one bottle, just by adding top coat.

Left to Right: "Duplicity", "Altered Reality", "Modify Me", "Metallic Metamorphosis" and "Shape Shifter".

Basically, I've swatched almost the entire collection except for the rose colored one called, "Split Perso-nail-ity" (not my kind of color)

What this polish does is, it shifts colors once top coat is applied. Any top oat will work, but I used "Fast Forward" by China Glaze.  This make nail art super easy, because all you have to do is apply it to part of your nail and thats it!

I decided to apply top coat in a "chevron" pattern to just the tips of the nails, so you can see the polish without top coat and with top coat.

2 coats, with top coat on the tips.

Soft sea foam green transitions into a sea inspired teal. I love the switch!

"Altered Reality"
2 coats, with top coat on the tips.

Super disappointing!  This starts out as a super pretty metallic teal, and is supposed to transition into a deeper/darker teal, but it does not! You can see in the pics where I applied the top coat twice, hoping that it would change, LOL! :(

"Modify Me"
2 coats, with top coat on the tips.

Periwinkle shimmer, transition into a deeper version of itself. Nice!

"Metallic Metamorphosis"
2 coats, with top coat on the tips.

This transition is nice. Cool blue grey metallic finish turns into a glistening indigo gem. Very Nice!

"Shape Shifter"
2 coats, with top coat on the tips.

This is very nice! Applied smoothly. Start off as a metallic grey shimmer and turn into a cool toned gunmetal grey. AWESOME!

Overall, I think I would pass on all of them.  The lighter cremes were thick and difficult to apply, and the metallics were nice to apply, but the changing isn't THAT special.

If I had to choose a favorite, it would be a tie between  "Metallic Metamorphosis" (index finger) and "Shape Shifter" (thumb).

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JQ said...

I wondered about these! Do you suppose you could change the colour by stamping with topcoat? I guess that's just a very thin layer of polish that transfers.