Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My NCLA inspired nails.


I saw a picture of a set of nail wraps by NCLA and thought..."I can do that with polish" :)

My manicure is on the left, the NCLA wraps are on the right...Not bad, if I do say so myself!


I wore this manicure while my index nail was growing back from a bad break.  I was hoping it would make the nail seem longer, but I think it did the reverse, LOL!!! Oh well...I still like this idea! :)

Essence "That's What I Mint" and Barry M "Watermelon".

I started of with a nice thick coat of Barry M "Watermelon" and then carefully applied 2 coats of Essence "That's What I Mint", in a nice smooth arc on top, leaving the dark green exposed around the entire edge. 

I made sure to continue the smooth arc all the way down the sides, being careful to keep the same amount of dark green showing from underneath.

Barry M "Watermelon" is from the Gelly Hi-Shine Collection earlier this year.  It is a dark evergreen creme that dries to a nice high shine.  It applied perfectly, and almost has a Gel like consistency. 1 coat was all I needed for this manicure.

Essence "That's What I Mint", is from their Colour & Go released for Spring 2013.  It is a light mint green creme with silver and green micro-shimmer. The shimmer is very faint on the nail and more prominent in the bottle. 

I will have to try this idea again when my nails grow all the way back, and then see if it makes them seem longer or shorter, until then...Keep It Sweet!

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Rachael said...

I really love the color combo of this!

Jackie S. said...

Thank You!!!!!

Gina said...

Very pretty! I love the look of this :)