Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Calling all Smurfs!!!!!

Hey there...

So I have a serious love of blues and when Finger Paints released the "Heavenly Miracles Collection" that was all blue a couple months back, I couldn't resist. 

But of course because my blue collection is so big, when I saw it in person only certain ones stood out to me and those are the three I grabbed. :)

Here is "Add & Abstract"
3 coats
The formula is good, needs 3 coats for bottle opacity. The turquoise has a "green flash" to it.
A nice turquoise blue shimmer.  The shimmer is more aqua green which is why it stood out to me, but for some reason I felt like I had seen this combo before and then it hit me ...

Zoya "Tallulah", together the differences are clear.  Tallulah is a brighter "bluer" blue and the formula is smooth and easy to work with, perfect in 2 coats.

Tallulah is on the index finger and the ring finger.  A&A is on the middle finger and pinkie.

In the indoor pic you can see the difference more than the outside pic below.  Definitely not dupes, but both blues are worth owning :)

Tomorrow, I'll have the other two :P

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Jessica said...

Add & Abstract is very pretty! I didn't pick any of these up, I probably should have now that I see how pretty this one is.

jaljen said...

I like that. It looks more textured/interesting than the Zoya.

Jackie S. said...

@jaljen- Yes, A&A has more texture and shimmer, very nice.

@Jessica- It definitely prettier on the nail than the bottle :)

Kimberly said...

I did the A&A one too. And it's amazing how the indoors photo shows a significant difference between the two. You'd think they were dupes until they stand next to each other.

Jackie S. said...

@ Kimberly- Exactly, I thought they were dupes too, until I saw them together :)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Nice color on you. Good to see that Tallulah really doesn't compare as a dupe.

Stopdidine said...

I like this turquoise blue color. By tale it is a little bit it's a pity to be obliged to put 3 coats(layers) to have a good opaqueness. But when we like(love) we do not count lol.

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