Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three "Disco" Amigos

Last week I saw the display for the new Sally Hansen HD's and it was brand new...untouched, at least until I saw it...I grabbed three without thinking and scurried to the counter.

This is "Spectrum"
2 coats

This polish is thin, but if you do 1 coat of any nude colored polish and then 2 or 3 coats of these, you are good to go!
This one applied okay, it was a little runny and thin, but the turquoise mirrored effect is SOOOO worth it.  I had less duo chrome effect on this one, the light purple flash is definitely there just less obvious than the other 2.

This is "DVD"
3 coats

This was thinner than Spectrum, but so much prettier, you can see the duo-chrome effect while you wear this one.  It flashes between lilac and turquoise.  At first I did not like it for being so thin, but now its my favorite of the 3.

 I have been staring at my nails for the past 3 days, and everyone noticed my nails while I wore this one.
Check out this night shot...It's a disco party on my nails, I think i can hear Donna Summer in the background! Ive worn this one twice already, once using a nude polish as my base color, and 2 coats of this....AWESOME-NESS!

This is "Laser"
2 coats

The duo chrome on this one isn't as evident as "DVD", but it is a deeper shade of blue and purple, and it is GREAT! 

This is my 2nd favorite of the three, but then again, its a blue...soooo I automatically love it :)

Here are the three disco-amigos.

Of all the colors in the collection these were the stand outs to me. "Byte" the pink one, looked really thin and the others were just shimmers to me. 

Did you grab any from this collection?
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amusedPolish said...

you picked some gorgeous colors :D

I heard that these are also perfect for layering

oh and you should check your inbox^^

Stiletto said...

Saw these swatched over black and WOW!!! I have GOTTA track these down (stupid small town always get stuff after everyone else! Hidden treasure JUST showed up!)

Anonymous said...


Jackie S. said...

@Amused- Yes I just got the message :)

@ stiletto- Great idea, I'm going to play around and layer these this weekend!

sabbatha said...

Really nice! I want to buy them, but they are hard to find in Poland :)

Twister said...

Pretty colors :o)

Shiny! said...

They're all pretty, but wow the middle one <3 If they would sell it here I'd sprint to the stores right now! :)

Tassa said...

Those are really disco colors. lol

Ashley A. said...

I picked up those plus Byte and Cyber. While I really loved Cyber, Byte is super boring and not really unique to the other pinks out there. :/ Cyber would look great on your nails, BTW!

pretty said...

i like spectrum, and lazer..
those look like fun

Jackie S. said...

@sabbath- You should do a swap with someone, I would do it, but my CVS is all out. I bought these 2 weeks ago.

@Twister- Yes they are.

@Shiny!- DVD is my favorite! I thought I would love Laser, but DVD stole my heart!

@Tassy- Jungle Boogie Baby!\

@AshleyA- I'll ahve to give Cyber another looksie...Thanks :)

@pretty- Theses colors are all really fun :)

adorepink said...

OMG, DVD is sooo pretty! I love it. I wonder if I could still find it...

Kimberly said...

I have Wavelength but still need to swatch it. And I still see full displays of this collection at Walgreens and CVS. I have resisted adding more. However, with your manis, I think I am finding that resistance is futile.

Michelle said...

The only one I wanted was LCD, and it was the only one that was sold out when I finally found the display. But after seeing your swatches today, now I really want DVD. :)

ABOP said...

Ugh, I've been totally not attracted to these and then I see them here. Now I want a disco on my nails too - complete with Donna Summer.

deltacephei said...

Oh these are GORGEOUS. Too bad I can't get them here :(

Iris said...

I wish they sold SH in the Netherlands too. This looks just amazing really, bling bling! :)

Audrey said...

I have all 8 of them and am sitting her scratching my head wondering why I have not worn them yet!! You did a great job with them!!

Ayuu said...

They are all great, DVD is especially stunning !

diamants-d'ébènes said...

one word : "whaaouuuuuuuuuuuuuh !!!

HeavenLei said...

Wondering how DVD compares to Rescue Beauty Lounge's Scrangie. I want it so bad, but I think I'm gonna sit out their sale next week...bedget and all... bleh.