Monday, June 21, 2010

Essence: Colour & Go

So I recently won 6 colors from the Essence "Colour & Go" Collection. 

I'm new to Essence and I really like the bright fun colors and little bottles!

The bottles say "1 second per coat"...I'm not sure if this means, it takes 1 second to apply 1 coat, or that it takes 1 second between coats to dry?? Anyway these colors are really cute!

3 Coats
"What do u think?"

Nice juicy peach creme.  This is supposed to be a dupe for Chanel's "Orange Fizz".

It was a bit streaky so three coats was necessary to work out the kinks. 
It dried to a nice fact they all dried to a nice shine! I used no topcoats in these swatches.

2 coats

I loved this yellow creme! No "yellow issues", it applied nicely and was great in 2 coats.  
For once I can't complain about a yellow, except that I need MORE....LOL! 

2 coats
"Check Me Out"
This is a great green creme! Nuff said!

3 coats
"Pool Party"
This color was sheer and needed 3 coats, maybe even 4 coats.  It has a nice glass flecked silver sparkle in it. Love this color, but surprisingly its not my favorite! : /

3 coats
This is a very nice shimmery marine dark blue, its very shiny and "jewel like"...but not navy. :)

2 coats
"No More Drama"
This is a nice "aged" purple creme. More dusty lilac...not your average pastel...not at all.Love it!

So my favorites are "What do u think? (peach), "Check me out" (green) and "Sundancer" (yellow)....great for summer!

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Öykü said...

I am glad you liked them :)

Twister said...

Very pretty colors :o)

Katrina said...

oh! such pretty colors!~ i have like.. 3 of the colors you have. haha

rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

Ooh, I love your candy coated tips! I have what do you think? They are some great polishes :)

Jackie S. said...

They are so cute, these are perfect for skittle nails. :) Thanks Oyku

Anonymous said...

I have the Catrice version of what do u think. i love that color. And now, I'm gonna have mom pick up all the essence's in ulta for me. I mean I have to have that yellow and green and for just a buck? can't beat that

Eva said...

eeep. love thee color! :D
i should really try out some essence polishes soon .


Jackie S. said...

@ Scandalous- I have the Catrice as well, just got it in a giveaway..I need to compare these two together :)

Tassa said...

Nice colors! :)

pretty said...

sundance a lot
and no more drama
are my favs!

Enamel Girl said...

they are cute! i'm lovin pool party and "check me out", lol

Tilly said...

Every colour always looks amazing on you! And your nails always look so perfect. I am very envious!

Jackie S. said...

@ Tilly- Thank You. I have learned so much about nail care from my fellow bloggers, I have them to thank!

Ayuu said...

They are lovely ! I love Pool Party and Check me Out ^^

KarenD said...

I have these as well; I'm sort of hoping that if everyone buys them, Ulta will start carrying other Essence lines as well. I've gotten some great stuff in swaps from the other lines like Multi Dimension.

Jackie S. said...

@KarenD- Multi Dimension, I'll have to keep my eyes out for that one. I really like these, hopefully ULTA will get more of the other collections, fingers crossed :)

deltacephei said...

Weird that they are only 1$ in America and like €1,80 in Europe.
Us europeans always pay more, boohoo *whine*

Anyway, they look great on you!

chickadee1066 said...

I adore No More Drama, I had that on last week. My other favorite Essence polish is Break Through, a purple toned berry creme. These are gorgeous and you can't beat the price!! These may be the first polishes I actually use up!

Jackie S. said...

@deltacephei- Thank U and that sucks, but I must admit you have access to more of their varied collections, we just get the basics.

@chickadee- You are absolutely right, these are small enough to actually use all of the bottle. Good thing they are $1. I better go buy so backups!

ABOP said...

Sundancer, Pool party, Check me out, and No more drama - wow!!
The purple reminds me of Diamond Cosmetics Pelican Peak one. You lucky girl, these are all great colors!

deltacephei said...

If you ever want some polishes from LE collections, let me know dear! I can go look for you :)