Monday, April 18, 2011

Orange you glad its Monday!

LOL!! I love "Orange" jokes, they are sooo predictable, but they ALWAYS make you smile!

Today I have a Walmart classic, "Lava" by Hard Candy, 2 coats

Awesome, bright red-orange glitter goodness.  I've had this polish for   over a year and this is my first time wearing it...and man it does not disappoint!

The glitter in Lava seems to glow more to a golden hue, simply gorgeous! and super easy to apply.

Isn't the ring cute?!

Look at that glitter "glow"..gorgeous!  I've only worn two Hard Candy colors "Lava" and "Mr. Wrong" and I love them both!
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Anonymous said...

love the shade!!

Biba said...

I'm still wearing Mr. Wrong and I love it!

This one is very pretty too.

Jackie S. said...

@BeautyAddict- Me too!

@Biba- I wore Mr. Wrong for 7 days, it has great "staying" power! ;)

Megan Harmeyer said...

This one is HAWT! I have it but haven't used it yet. I should've worn that instead of neon orange that I'm wearing today.

MariaAndrea van der wall arneman said...

Nice shade

Cris at Let them have Polish! said...

This is an awesome Summer color! It looks great on you!

Jackie S. said...

@Megan- Ive got Neon orange on my toes :)

@MariaAndrea-Thank U :)

@Cris- Thank You :)

FOREVER '92 said...

This red is so bright and beautiful, it looks really good on you ^_^

Miss Blue said...

This color is gorgeous!! It looks very nice on you :]