Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zoya !!

No, I don't have the swatches for the new  "Smoke and Mirrors"collection, but I do have some swatches of colors I found in my untrieds...*smile*

Most of these are colors that I believe do not stand out among Zoya's hundreds of "swatch drops", but once I saw them swatched  on "real hands", I knew I had to have them. :)

First up...

Zoya "Lexi"
Base Coat with 2 coats of color.

"A soft-toned shimmering multichromatic shade that combines mauve, silver, pink and hints of blue."

Can you see the pink and blue micro-shimmer?

Awesome, subtle duo-chrome action..woo hoo!

Zoya "Reece"
Base coat with 2 coats of color

"Rose metallic duochrome. A frosty hint of gold creates a unique "oil-slick" rose-gold."

The shimmer "oil slick" effect is HOT. My favorite from this collection was "Adina", but this is my 2nd favorite...why was it in my un-trieds? *smacks head*  :P

Zoya "Tess"
Base coat and ONE COAT of color..woo hoo!!!

"Metallic light plum rose with pink, bronze and mauve undertones and silver foil shimmer"

Although I agree, most "one coaters" do not last long, it is great when you can find one for that "Quick!!, I gotta get the hell outta here" manicure :)

Zoya " Charity"
Base Coat with 2 coats of color.

"A faded mauve-purple with copper colored duo-chrome shimmer"

Ignore the scratch on my ring finger, this color is seriously PRETTY!

I wouldn't classify "Charity" as Duo-chrome, but the copper shimmer is subtle and very pretty! It really warms this color up nicely. :)

Find these Zoya's as well as over 300 other high-fashion Zoya shades at www.zoya.com. As always, each and every Zoya color is made for beautiful women so we name them after beautiful women.

Sug. Retail $8.00 per 0.5 fl. oz. bottle (US)
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Jackie S. said...

@Tips on nails- Thank You :)

Nailderella said...

Lexy looks amazing! Great pix!

Poetic Realist said...

Ok...now I'm totally lemming Reece!

Enamel Girl said...

sweet! Reece is my favorite.

Pretty said...

wahh i love all these! all goe oh wish list!!

Anonymous said...

I've been on the fence with Lexi but I think I'm gonna get it after seeing your swatch!

Rachel said...

those are yummy pinks!


KayJay said...

These are some really pretty pinks!! I especially like Lexi!