Friday, July 15, 2011

Key Lime Shine with a little Sparkle!

I have been stalking Milani's "Key Lime Shine" for years, and I finally received it in a MUA swap,  not too long ago.

I saw it once on another blog and it was a great soft lime foil that delivered perfect and seamless shine..I needed it BAD!!!!!

So here it is with a little "jazz" on top! :)

Milani "Key Lime Shine" and OPI "Glow Up Already"

I carefully applied 1 coats of KLS, I say careful because with a foil polish like this, if not done smoothly, every layer can show up bulky! mine..LOL :(

You can see the brush strokes here, this happened on the second layer.  Next time, I'll try using my Nfu-Oh "Aqua Base" between coats to get better seamless layers!

So 2 coats of KLS and then 3 coats of GUA, each coat covering less and less of the tip of the nail.

Glitter Tips!..Awesome! OPI "Glow Up Already" is from the Burlesque Collection  and I think the yellow/green glitter matches perfectly with the soft key lime foil effect of KLS.

The sparkle was awesome with this, I forgot to take a pic indoors with the flash to show it, DARN..I always have the best pic ideas AFTER I've already removed a manicure...OH WELL!

Have you given yourself a "Glitter Tips" manicure yet?

Happy Friday!!!
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Megan Harmeyer said...

That's so foily, you can't hardly see the color. LOL It's cool, especially with the glitter at the tips.

Brooke said...

LOVING this combination, Jackie!! It looks phenomenal!

ChaosButterfly said...

Ooh this looks lovely. And knowing how sparkly OPI made their Burlesque glitters, I can just imagine how it looks in sunlight.

Jackie S. said...

Thanks everybody!

Anonymous said...

I have Key Lime Shine but have always hesistated using it cause it's so blingy! Great mani!