Monday, August 12, 2013

KBShimmer 5th Anniversary Celebration Duo "The Grape Beyond" and "Would Jubilee It?"

Happy Anniversary KBShimmer!

KBShimmer is celebrating their 5th anniversary and has released two duo colors to celebrate the occasion.

KBShimmer "The Grape Beyond" and "Would Jubilee It?"

First Up....

KBShimmer "The Grape Beyond"
2 coats, no top coat

"The Grape Beyond" is a matte purple polish, with a very subtle turquoise shimmer.  This polish was designed to accent the glitters in "Would Jubilee It?".  This shade is not too dark and not too's the perfect shade of grape colored candy!

I love it!  This applied very well in two coats, and I was surprised to see that you could see the shimmer soo easily without top coat.  But enough of that...bring on the top coat!

Oh yeah! Gorgeous!

KBShimmer "Would Jubilee It?"
1 coats over "The Grape Beyond"

"Would Jubilee It?" is a glitter topper, filled with circle, hexagon. and micro slices (tiny bar glitter)  in fuchsia, aqua, silver, sapphire blue, and turquoise.  This is a gorgeous mix! It applies well in 1 coat, and I did not have to fish the glitter out of the bottle, it just jumped onto the nail!

These two colors go so well together, I love them both! Here are some pics in indirect lighting.

Overall, I am always happy with KBShimmer polishes, maybe that is why I have so many. :) These polish duo colors are being sold separately, but were designed to work together, and are unique and delivery great color saturation and opaqueness.

KBShimmer's formula is very consistent in application, opaqueness and dry time, and is an overall joy to paint with.  

In honor of their anniversary, they are having a sale! Everybody LOVES a sale... now till August 14th.

Keep It Sweet!

*Product sent by PR for review.

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