Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Zoya Irresistble Summer 2013 swatches and review

This week I have the last of the summer swatches, and today I have Zoya's Irresistible Summer collection....say bye bye to summer because it is going, going...almost gone!

Zoya "Kerry"
Yellow gold metallic foil
2 coats, no top coat

Very pleasantly surprised with this one., Very subtle and feminine, not over powering! Definitely more yellow than gold, nice application!

 Zoya "Amy"
Red-orange foil metallic
3 coats, no top coat

Oh yeah, this is my kind of color!, bright and orange! I wish the metallic shimmer was a bit more dynamic, but I'll take it!  Applied well in three coats.  The slight VNL you see is not in real life, but my camera seems to think otherwise :) These polishes are blingy!

Zoya "Tinsley"
Rose gold foil metallic
3 coats, no top coat

Check out how blingy these are...

I feel like this color is trying to be too much like Zoya "Rica".  Although Rica is more coral, I feel like this one is a lighter version, and even after three coats, I still have major V.N.L. (visible nail lines).  Yes it's blingy, but it's thin. :(  I think a base color is needed for this one.

Zoya "Bobbi"
Hot magenta pink foil metallic
2 coats, no top coat

Great color bright fuchsia foil, if you like foils, this is the color for you, bright and shiny. This color is not very original, but looks great on all hands and feet. Very universal.

Zoya "Hazel"
Blue green foil metallic
2 coats, no top coat

Another great blue foil, it is similar to Zoya "Crystal", but Hazel is brighter, this is dustier and more faded.  I love the flecks of old gold in it.

Zoya "Rikki"
Fern green foil metallic
3 coats, no top coat

I love this green, but it reminds me of a dustier version of Zoya "Meg". Yep! Great green soft with subtle gold flecks! This one definitely needed three coats, as I had some bald spots that I only noticed when I got out in the sun.

Overall, some of these applied well, others required 3 coats and others required more. I think the winners of the group definitely are "Kerry","Rikki",  "Hazel", and "Amy".

You can grab them at Zoya.com where they retail for $8 each.

Keep it Sweet!

*Product provided by PR for review. 
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Vick said...

Hazel is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Essie Rae iHeartPrettyPolish said...

Pretty swatches with pretty nails :)

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

I looooove Rikki! And thanks for the Crystal comparison. I've been thinking they're dupes since this collection came out and haven't picked up Hazel for that reason... Glad to see I can safely add another Zoya to the family, lolol.

Brettina Mendoza said...

Cute! My Phoenix seo team mates likes these colors so much.