Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KBShimmer: The Misfits Collection "Dew It Right"

Okay, so I'm not entirely ready to "let go" of summer, LOL!

Here is bright and fun polish released by KBShimmer earlier this summer. They had a "Misfit Polish" sale , and they decided to sell the "misfit" polish that was created but never made "the cut" into a collection.

KBShimmer "Dew It Right"
3 coats, with top coat

When they released this line, I was in route to pick-up my Mom from the airport.  Luckily a good friend of mine and fellow polish fiend, offered to buy the colors I wanted and send them to me, Thank You Marissa. :)

She grabbed almost all of the colors I wanted, and I was over joyed!!!

Before it sold out, this polish was described as "An almost neon yellow polish with a variety of hex glitters in blues, greens and golds."  It was nearly opaque in two coats, but I did three coats, just in case :). Applied smoothly, as all of their polishes do, and tried quickly.

I love this mix of colors, I can not imagine the collection this color was "booted out" of, but I am sure happy they decided to release this "reject".  :)

KBShimmer has a ton of their colors that are available, I'd check out "Blinded By The Bright", it's the closest one to this that is available. :)

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Vick said...

this is beautiful! How did this polish not make the cut?!

Jackie S. said...

@Vick- I agree, don't know if I would have been brave enough to cut this, LOL!

Goncan'ın Güncesi said...

So cute nail polish :) Love the color!