Thursday, May 6, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

This manicure is definitely the later of the three! LOL!

Not pretty but INTERESTING! I decided to water marble with (l-r)

Orly "Basket Case"- base color
China Glaze "Strawberry Fields"- marble
China Glaze "Watermelon Rind" - marble

Here is the UGLY

The pinkie has the slightest wisp of green, can you see it?

This one turned out so odd, I decided not to even do a decent job of cleaning up.

So these are the GOOD things about this manicure:

1. This is my third time marbling and it DOES get easier with practice.
2. Always use a glass bowl or cup (when nail polish sinks, it eats threw everything else)
3. It's good to try colors opposite on the color wheel, you never know what mix you will come up with. :)
4. Every nail is one will ever get "your" manicure!
5. Putting oil or Vaseline on the skin before is EASIER than using tape, especially if you do both hands.

So here is the BAD

1. It wastes polish, so make sure you use colors that you can get dupes of.
2. You will use a lot of remover, cotton balls, and toothpicks. So prepare for your cuticles to look like crap after wards!
3. Not all polish is good for marbling, some polish is too thin, others too heavy and sink to the bottom.

Now the big question...would I do it again?...HELL YEAH! :)
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Anonymous said...

This is an interesting one! I always have trouble trying to marble glitters... another tally in the cons column for glitter lol

rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

I appreciate this post!! I have been wanting to try this. Don't know why I'm so afraid. Lol!!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Great post. I've been debating on dipping into marbles (pun intended) and you give me confidence to do it! Good pros/cons list.

L said...

I cannot marble glitters. You should try this again with some cremes!

Jessica said...

I'm still too much of a wuss to try marbling let alone marbling with glitters

Jackie S. said...

@ Scandalous..yeah if I marble with glitters again, I'll just choose one glitter, two is crazy!

@rmcandlelight- You gotta try it! :)

@ Lacquerware- Thanks, it's definitely worth "dipping" into :P

@ L- The first two times I did cremes and they were fun, but I wanted to "jazz it up". I've learned my lesson, one glitter is fine, two is a big ol' mess..LOL!

ANSTAH said...

You know, I'm a huge fan of water marbleing, I'm just too much of a wuss to try it myself. I just don't want to have to clean up the mess. I guess I'm just lazy like that. LOL

~Nailstah (

StardustStephanie said...

Thanks for all the info on marbling that really is helpful! That would of looked amazing if only Watermelon Rind came off more pigmented.

Rebecca said...

I think this has worked out well! Thanks for the tips. I am still not confident enough to try marbling but I like checking out other people's attempts.

Audrey said...

You is a braver woman than I when it comes to water marbeling. No patience. this is gorgeous on you though!! Stunning!! I will be following you as you are me and i will add you to my blog rolls - welcome to the world of blogging!!

Jackie S. said...

The best time to do a water marble, is when you have a manicure you are about to take off...LOL, Before you do, just grab two colors and try it out on one finger!

Thanks for the comments, I read them all and appreciate you caring enough to follow me:)

c.lette said...

im hoping it turns out good but i dont have the money on me now. i will try it soon though i hope...and i will document it for you. probably for a while to show how many days befor eit chipped or something.

Emma said...

interesting post. i've really wanted to try marbling, so thanks for sharing your experiences!