Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Butter London

A couple months ago there was an offer on Hautelook.com offering Butter London for $5 each, I didn't even blink, I ordered 3 and was on my merry way!!!!

I ordered :
"Billy No Mates"
"Teddy Boy"

First up "Billy No Mates"
2 coats

It's a soft super light  (almost white) grey creme.  Very "spooky pretty".

The formula was nice for such a light color, smooth and easy to place.  I hate the square top though, no matter the angle you hold it at...it sucks

It was hard to hold and I tried to remove the top...it did come off.... but not easily!

In looking at this color, it reminded me of a color in the Color Club Rebel Debutante collection.
This is Color club "Who are you wearing" on the index finger and the ring finger.  "Billy No Mates" is on the middle finger and the pinkie.

They both have the same "ghostly" look to them, but Billy is grey and "Who are you wearing" is more of a super light nude. I like Billy because it has a blueish quality to it, very different!

3 coats
Nude perfection..I loved this color and I am so happy I found a great nude polish!

It is a soft creme nude, with "warm" yellow undertones, so pretty!

I finally found my perfect nude :):)
This color reminded me of ANOTHER color in the rebel debutante collection...
This is "Crumpet" on the index and ring finger, and 2 coats of Color Club "Best Dressed List" on the middle and pinkie.
Best Dressed List has more blue undertones, much "cooler" than Crumpet.
Now I have two great nudes...sweet!

"Teddy Boy"
2 coats
This was deceiving it looks like chocolate, but on the hand...

This was like a mix between a plum creme with a little chocolate...sounds yummy, and OF COURSE this reminded me of two other polishes I had...soooo...

On the index is Finger Paints "Plum Pumps"- 2 coats, on the ring finger Teddy Boy, on the ring finger "Runway Reality"- 3 coats, and on the pinkie Teddy Boy!

The Finger Paints and Butter London colors are close, but none of them are dupes for it. 

I really like the Butter London formula.  It is not very consistent, some needed 2 coats, some 3 but, all the colors seem like "Classic" colors that offer much more, they are classic with a little kick.  

I need more of these!

Have you tried Butter London?
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rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

What a great buy, there normally around $14 I believe. I don't have one butter london. The nailboard doesn't speak to well on these. Some claim they evaporated in the bottle before they got a change to use them. Others don't like their packaging (tops). I still want to try them. Thanks for posting :)

Jackie S. said...

@rmcandlelight- If they evaporate, I'll be pissed! But the tops do come off with a little elbow grease! :P

StardustStephanie said...

That's a great nude on you! I really like Teddy Boy!

I also wanted to let yo know I gave you a blog award you can find it here.. http://imperfectlypainted.blogspot.com/2010/05/milani-fresh-teal-blog-award.html :)

Mighty Lambchop said...

These are very nice. Loving Billy No Mates. I really need to try these out!

Jackie S. said...

@ Stardust- Thanks for the award I'll post it later today! :)

@ Mighty- Yes, Billy is the standout of the three.

Rebecca said...

I have some Butter London treatments but no polishes! I need to buy!

Jackie S. said...

@ Rebecca- I soo need more, especially "Rosie Lee"...I'll wait for the next sale :):)