Friday, September 10, 2010

My Altar Ego...

Altar Ego by ULTA

I first saw this color in another post layered under OPI "Absolutely Alice", which was a great idea! 

But on its's better!!

Its a great dusty teal that almost has foil like metallic quality.  In the bottle there are flashes of green, but with my pictures I wasn't able to catch it on the nail!

Great shimmer, I'm really impressed with this one.  2 coats, no complaints!

There was a time when I bought Ulta polishes often, It was while I was in college, and I could not always afford OPI, Orly, Essie etc.  Ulta was close to my apartment and I went there every weekend, especially if they ahad a sale. 

Whenever I went, I would always grab 2 bottles (usually on sale "2 for $5" or something like that) and would always be very happy with whatever I grabbed! 

Back then the bottles were different  (smaller) and new colors were not released as often, but now they have really stepped up their game....and their prices :) Amidst all the change that Ulta has gone thru, one thing has not changed...the quality is still very good!
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Twister said...

Very pretty color

Jackie S. said...

Thanks :)

Paillette said...

I forget how hot Ulta polishes can be.
This one is really nice!

you nailed it! said...

I tagged you with an award!


Petra said...

Bright and sparkly, love it!!