Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Blackened Blue Collection and Comparison

Okay I've already admitted I am a certifiable "blue whore" when it comes to polish RIGHT?..but did I mention I have an especially special place in my heart for blackened teal blues?!?...yeah... no, I didn't think so!  :) :)

A reader, "aminahsmom", asked me about similar colors when I posted about my Barielle "Blackened Bleu", and that's what started it all, thanks for the suggestion :)

So I have 6 blackened blues to show and compare,  here is the line up:

3 coats of each
Thumb: Nicole by OPI "It gets dark early"
Index: Zoya "Kotori"
Middle: China Glaze "Blk Bila Bong"
Ring: Barielle  "Blackened Bleu"
Pinkie: Sinful "See you soon"

The Zoya is gorgeous, but far more teal blue than black!

Pretty huh!  Well since I was only born with 5 digits on one hand, I had to swipe out the Zoya and put on another blackened blue..

Sinful "Whats your name?"- Index finger

Above Sinful "Whats your name" is on the index, the rest remain the same. What do you think?

In my opinion, The China Glaze and the Barielle are the closest, the color base and the glitter size are very similar. If you don't have one, but you have the other, you are good to go! :)

The Sinful "see you soon" and the Nicole, are similar in that their glitter size is smaller than the previous two, and these two are a cross between a glitter and a shimmer, and they both lean a little more green than the previous two. 

Sinful's "Whats your name?" far more black based and the glitter is actually more of a duo chrome that flashes teal and purple.  This polish I would say is close to OPI's "Unripened" ( I do not have this, I've just seen it in the stores).

I saw that there is a new sinful, released for Halloween 2010, that is another "Blackened Blue" off I go...are there anymore blackened blue polishes lingering out there?...let me know !

I will continue my quest until I can put one color on every digit of my hands and feet :P:P
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L said...

I am a sucker for blackened blues. Need the Nicole by OPI and Barielle one. Jackie, youre not good for my wallet, sugar LOL

sabbatha said...

ha! thanks to you i remembered that i have see you soon :D and i used it for my gradient nails ;-)

Michelle said...

I'm such a blue freak, especially this one. Blk-Bila-Bong is one of my faves, still need Kotori and Blackened Blue. They're all gorgeous!

Jackie S. said...

@L- LOL..well then ti wont help to tell you that Barielle is having a sale now (till the 29th) 20%off plus buy 2 get 1 free :):) Don't hate me :)

@ sabbatha- Gradient, great idea, did you post this manicure?

@Michelle- Thank You!

Cupcake said...

Must have all of these!!!


Pretty said...

dude, i don't know why but that barielle one is my fav.... even though they are all awesome

i'm just so drawn to that one!!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Great comparison swatches. :)

Lily nail said...

nice color !!