Thursday, September 2, 2010

Product Review and Giveaway! CLOSED

Asili Cutcile Oil

Pamela Jones-Willis, owner of Asili Bath & Body, and I met on facebook.   I asked her about her products and specifically the cuticle oil and she was kind enough to send me some samples.

Her website is Asili Bath and Body Products   and her facebook page is HERE.

She offers great advice via facebook, you should definitely check her out there as well.

Here is a bit of her bio:

"Founded by Pamela Willis in 2000, Asili, which means nature in Swahili specializes in all-natural bath and body products. Willis started experimenting with natural products such as shea butter, which has been used for centuries to soften and protect skin and hair in African cultures. From there she created a wide variety of products with fragrances ranging from her extremely popular Almond scent to her exclusive Special Edition Mango.

Asili all-natural bath and body products were inspired by Willis's desire to use the finest quality all-natural products and when she couldn't find a product that met her demanding tastes she created her own. Most commercial products contain more water, emulsifiers and fillers than the Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter that their labels claim. Asili consistently provides the highest quality bath and body products by utilizing nature's finest oils, butters, herbs and essential oils.

Asili products are made daily in small batches to ensure the freshest and best quality possible. Asili products are all natural and do not contain synthetic oils, mineral oils, petrochemicals, artificial bi-products, alcohols or artificial colors.

Asili also specializes in product customization and offers one-on-one product consultations where customers are able to personalize their products by creating special fragrant blends or specialized body products to suit their specific skin care needs such as: allergies, sensitive skin and eczema with special oils and butters."

Her body butter is heaven, so rich and smooth and absorbs well into the skin...BUT her cuticle oil is the BEST!

I swear I am in love with the scent and well it makes my cuticles and hands look FABULOUS!

The cuticle oil smells like lemons infused with a light spring rose.  I'm not a fan of rose scented products, BUT THIS scent is light and NOT obnoxious smelling like some rose products.

The cuticle oil is described as:

"Moisturize dry cuticles with moisture rich Jojoba and Sweet Almond oils, Vitamin E oil Lemon and Rosewood essential oils."

 I love the fact that the oil comes in a dropper, this allows me to use it in my water for my weekly hand/cuticle soak, I also put some in a bottle, so I could brush it on my nails after a manicure, I also drop some in my hands along with my hand lotion to give it that special touch...aahhh heaven!

She also has Body Butter which she can infuse with a custom scent of your choice and get this...she can imitate most perfumes and colognes that are in the market and add this to your butter.:):)

Her Body Scrubs and Sea Salt Scrubs come in a large container with a very attractive shell for scooping out the salt...ingenious! I can't tell you how annoying it is to have body salt and sugar stuck under your nails in the shower, it is the worse feeling! The shell idea is perfect!

 She also has Foot Butter, Body Oil, and Bath Salts!  Oh and don't forget the kiddies, she has Body Lotion for them too!

So because I am IN LOVE with this cuticle oil, I asked her if I could sponsor a giveaway and she VOLUNTEERED the cuticle oil for sweet! The oil will be sent directly from Asili.

Here is a message from PAM of Asili Bath and Body Products

"Hello Candy Coated Tip friends, I've noticed several of you are interested in samples or have questions. Please contact me at or you can become my friend on Facebook Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon!"
So here ya go ladies, here is a chance for one winner to win this great oil.  Here are the Rules:


Put the following information in one comment below:


1) You MUST follow me, so give me your follower name (1 entry)
2) You MUST visit the website (link above) and tell me the product or scent that you would love to try. (1 entry)
3) You MUST give me your email below, so that I may contact you.
4) For an extra entry you can add this giveaway to  your blog and leave me the link :)  (1 entry)

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned, I have 4 more giveaways coming soon :)
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skaki said...

i am a follower of your blog.

i would love to try Amber Sandalwood scent.

username- ks sn

Twister said...


I would like to try the coconut scent.

I added your giveaway to my blog's sidebar here

twistergirl85 AT gmail DOT com

aaminahs mom said...

i follow thru GFC would love to try cuticle oil in sandalwood scent.

Cupcake said...

I follow your blog as Cupcake.

I would love to try Tropical Coconut, sounds like it would smell divine!

peripatetic33 said...

peripatetic33 - google follower
peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
i would like to try the Tropical Coconut scent

Twister said...

i tagged you here

Christina Hoh said...

Following through Google as Christina Hoh (hoh.christina at gmail dot com)

I'd love to try the Almond Body Butter - sounds like a perfect product with fall right around the corner!

Br3nda said...
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Pleshette_Rose said...

1)Following you via GFC as Pleshette

2) I want to try the sea salt scrub.

3) pleshette_rose at yahoo dot com

Pleshette_Rose said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

April said...

I follow with GFC. April

I would love to try the Almond Body Butter!

I blogged.

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

I love the look of that sugar scrub in the warm vanilla scent. I'm definitely going to buy it. I'd love to try out the cuticle oil.

I'm following you:
Laura @ Sawan-Heaven

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...
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~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I'd be all over the Green tea scent...that hint of osmanthus flower is such a strong reminder of my childhood. Love it's odd scent.

I follow. :) Have for a while now.
elizabethallbright at