Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Orly: Blue Suede

I like it!

Orly "Blue Suede"
2 coats
I really like the effect. It reminds me of the Orly "Plastixs" line, matte but "rubberized". Beautiful dusty blue!

Dry time was a bit slow on this one, the application was easy, but  it can drag on the 2nd coat if the 1st coat isn't dry to the touch, so you definitely have to wait a couple minutes between coats. It's worth the wait :)

I could wear this matte, or with a top coat! Awesome!

There is a creaminess that this polish has that makes it seem richer than most mattes, and only when you add a top coat can you see that it is truly different!

I think I need to get the black from this line, OH wait..I just checked my list, I have it   :)  LOL..okay so now I need to get the others colors from this line.....anyone have any of the other colors that came from this line?

Yummers! :):)
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Anonymous said...

omg! love it BOTH ways. I love Orly so so so much!

susies1955 said...

TOTALLY awesome and I want. :)

Reese @ Newbie Nails said...

purple velvet is the third from that immediate release. I have all three, but haven't worn this one (or the purple) but the black is so awesome for bases under glitters and/or konads :]

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

This is hot! LOL at you realizing you already have the black one! Will you be wearing it next?

Twister said...

Gorgeous color

Jackie S. said...

Yes, I will definitely be showing the black one, I'll swatch it this weekend :)