Thursday, September 9, 2010

Catrice: Blue My Mind!

My vacation starts today and I will be gone till the 15th, but don't worry I have automatic post scheduled while I'm gone to keep you entertained.  Any questions asked in the comment section will be answered when I come back :)

There are like 5 polishes all by this name, but this one is my favorite!!!!!

Blue My Mind!
2 coats

Oh this shimmer, oh wow this shimmer..I know I've said it before, but this IS my favorite blue...I know, I know...but look at it!


Oh lordy...its gorgeous!

Look at the "hidden within" shimmer, love it, this is gonna look FABU on my toes! Holy Crap!

I think I may have to travel to Europe, just so I can buy all the Catrice my purse can hold, and ship it back to the US! That's not it ? :P

This is the end of my Catrice two weeks...I do have another Catrice "Clay-ton my hero", but I haven't swatched it yet, I'll do it when I get back :)

Have a great day!
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amusedPolish said...

have fun :)

oh and if you're getting the catrice polishes, be sure to stop by and say hi :P

Cupcake said...

The name alone makes me want it haha.


Spaceinvaders said...

Such a nice blue!

Twister said...

Very nice blue. It reminds me a lot of LA Colors Color Craze in wired