Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Lippmann's

She's done it again, Deborah Lippmann is a genius!

I for one can not wait to get my paws on "Today Was A Fairytale"...gorgeous!!!

You can get these new babies on her site HERE 

"Boom Boom Pow" would look hot over your favorite nude, taupe or black! :P

Getcha Nails Did has a great swatch of this one HERE 
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Zara said...

They both look amazing...oh Lippmann, how you taunt me! :)

Jackie S. said...

@ Zara- Taunt us both, I only own 1 Lippmann, but I have like 10 or more on my wish list! Hilarious! LOL

domesticgoddess said...

wow, I really want the across the universe one but they don't ship to New Zealand and I can't find a stockist here either!! wAHHHHHHH

Kimberly said...

Those colors will take you right through to the end of the year. HOT!!!

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Ugh why can't we have Lippmann in the UK easily?!

MariaAndrea van der wall arneman said...

That Fairy tale one looks amazing ,
want to have a closer look to make my judment. But seems pretty.