Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Polished by KPT "Blue is Beautiful"

Oh it's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring...

I used to love singing this while sitting warm and dry in my room, watching the rain fall outside :).

Today, I have a polish that I wore and enjoyed while it was sunny and dry, Polished by KPT "Blue is Beautiful".

KPT "Blue is Beautiful"
3 coats, with 3 coats of top coat

KPT "Blue is Beautiful" is a thermal polish that changes color based on the temperature of your hands. This color is supposed to change from a mysterious blue tinted clear to a brilliant blue, with added blue glitter.  However, the lightest I could get it on my hands, is this periwinkle tinted clear dazzler. The glitter in this polish is very pretty and really shows up when the polish is cooler (darker)

Above, is how it appeared when my hands were warmed after dipping them in warm water, a light periwinkle color.  This is how it appeared after my hands were dipped in ice cold water...

Quick...they're changing again...

It was hot that day, so my nails were changing fast, right before my eyes. This turned into a dark blue toned purple with blue glitter.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get them to turn blue, LOL!  They only time they appeared blue, was when I was in my office under the fluorescent lighting, but everywhere else under natural lighting it was purple. :(   This polish can be worn by itself or layered over another polish, to really bring on a new layered effect.

Also, the labels are not water resistant...I learned this the hard way, LOL, bye bye words!   I spoke to the owner, and she has ordered new labels, so the ink does not rub off so easily when wet now. :)

One great thing about this thermal polish is the consistency, and the thermal quality.  The consistency was nice and smooth, no application issues, opaque in three coats. :)

The quality is great as well, I wore this manicure for 5 days! Yep, these pics are on day 5!

Also the thermal quality was great, I could actually wear my polish all day, and my nails (when long like this) remained two colors all day.   Most thermal polish stay one color all day, and only change when you wash your hands, or grab something hot or cold.  With other thermal polishes I grew tired of dipping my fingers in cold water every time my friends wanted to see "it change", LOL! But with this brand, I did not have to do this.

With this brand, my nails remained two-toned, it was fun to wear all day...even if my nails were never really blue, they were GORGEOUS :)

You can purchase her polishes for $10 on her site Polished by KPT, and you can follow Polished by KPT on Facebok.

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Cin O said...

That is a fun polish. It's also an easy way to get a gradient look without a second polish.

Jackie S. said...

@Cin O- Very true! LOL! :)

Fab-La-Icious Nails said...

Oh thats pretty but i have to say i like it best when its dark...