Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OPI DS Magic Comparison

Last week I showed you OPI DS "Magic", today I'm showing you how it compares to Sally Hansen "Laser" and "OPI Ink". ( I do not have Orly "Lunar Eclipse")

3 coats of each
Index: "OPI Ink"
Middle: OPI DS "Magic"
Ring: SH "Laser"
Pinkie: OPI DS "Magic"

"OPI Ink" is definitely an indigo, dark purple polish, with excellent shimmer, gorgeous.

OPI DS "Magic" is a deep and true royal blue shimmer with a purple flash.

"Laser" is OPI DS "Magic's" little brother, it offers the same blue sparkle and the same purple flash., just not as deep.  Definitely not a dupe, but very close.

OPI DS "Magic" only needed 2 coats, but "Laser" needed 3 coats. 

It's on the thin side, but so close that if you have "Laser", I'd reckon you don't need "Magic". :)

I've been told "Orly "Lunar Eclipse" is close to "Laser", and my guess is that it's a kissing cousin to DS Magic.
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Megan Harmeyer said...

In the pics Laser and Magic look like dupes, but I get the "deeper" comment. Either way, those are all so pretty!

Jackie S. said...

@Megan- Yes, they are very close, definitely kissing cousins, but not dupes.
But I must say that if you have Laser you do not need Magic too :):)

Also Laser is opaque with 3 good coats, Magic is opaque in 2 coats.:)

Anonymous said...

wow!! the color is amzing!

The Madd Crafter said...

I have Laser and it definitely surprised me with how sheer it was. Its a beautiful blue, but it definitely takes a few good layers to get a more shiny and opaque look.

Thanks for comparing these! I love to see it when people do this. I hope to maybe be able to try my hand at comparisons on my blog if I get more similar looking polishes.

Linnie said...

Thanks for the comparison :D

I love the color!

Toesthattwinkle! said...

love this manicure! the color is so great! what a stunning blue!

Follow me and ill follow you!
(i just started and could use some followers!)

Enamel Girl said...

i really like OPI Ink out of the 3!

Angélique said...


Zara said...

I have Laser, which means I don't need Magic! I wouldn't have known they were so close if it weren't for your post - thank you! :)

Kellie M said...

Oh wow, thanks for the post. I had bid on OPI DS Magic but I got outbid. Now I'm happy about it because I already own Laser. I can save my money. That's always a good thing lol.