Tuesday, October 19, 2010

These saved my manicure...

I do not like the little bottles that OPI sometimes releases, it annoys me that they are so small and sometimes they only release colors in these small bottles.

These little bottles are so annoying if it is a color you REALLY like, then you have to go around town buying collections of  little bottles of a color you love just to get enough to have for future use. This sucks!

So the fact that I dislike these little bottles is not a shock, but for once I can say that these little bottles saved my sanity and my manicure.

This is OPI "OPI Ink" and Orly's "Top 2 Bottom" base coat and top coat.

While I was on my way to Indiana, these little bottles escorted me in my carry on baggage and saved my manicure for a week.  After I arrived, I bought some remover at the local CVS and a small pack of cotton balls and went to work removing my old manicure that had been murdered during travel. 

Luggage and manicures do not go together :)

After 4 days.....this is 3 coats of OPI, over the Orly, and then a coat of the Orly on top.  It took forever to dry (I've been spoiled by Seche Vite), but it did the trick!!

The nick on the ring finger, happened on the trip home while I was grasping for my lap top crammed under the seat in front of me.  I swear they add a new row of seats to planes every time I fly...I mean REALLY???

After 4 days this is awesome, I loved OPI Ink, it is a great deep purple shimmer with a blue flash, so pretty! and I got a ton of compliments on the color.

I'm just happy I didn't break a nail while I was on my trip.  Whenever I travel I ALWAYS break a nail, never fails, the only difference this time is that I have been taking 1,000 mg of BIOTIN everyday and I am telling you that crap works.

So here is my plea to OPI, you should make little bottles of all the colors in your core line. Yes, I am now a believer..LOL..... because when you travel these little bottles fit perfect in the TSA recommended toiletry bags and they make travel easier for those of us who are "manicure impaired"..LMAO!!!

Now I'm off to one of my favorite Beauty Supplies, where they have little mini bottles of Seche Vite....gotta prepare for the next trip :)
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Enola said...

Ah ah ah I totally agree with you. Minis can save the honor of a manicure addict :)

L said...

Yay! Im glad Im not the only who travels with minis. Whenever I got to Vegas I always take some with me

amusedPolish said...

i love opi ink and even got a (full sized) back up because I love it that much :)

rmcandlelight said...

I never thought about getting mini's for travel. Ink is a fabulous purple. (Let me know if you need a full size bottle. I think I can find one)

Linnie said...

Hihi, love this blogpost!
Good thinking of taking small bottles of polish with you when travelling....I just buy new stuff when I am at my destination :P

Great manicure!! Ink is so pretty!!

Jackie S. said...

Yes, this lil guy btruely saved my sanity.

@rmcandelight- I have the big bottle, but this little bottle was perfect for travel. :)

Toesthattwinkle! said...

ohh love that blue! what a nice color!

Spaceinvaders said...

Cute bottles! OPI ink is great

Zara said...

Sounds like a great use for a mini!

Makena said...

I have the top coat too! It's the best! Madi got it for me for my b day but then kaylee dropped it on the cement. :( But don't worry I went to Sall's Beauty and picked up another! Love this thing!