Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Swap and my niece's nubbin nails

I did  a swap with Theresia at Amused Polish.  We have two loves in common, blue and purple nail polish!

I love doing swaps with her because I always find a new polish I love when I shop from her list :):)

Here is what she sent me!

IsaDora Graffiti Nail Top "Spraycan", P2 "Silver Blast"...both crackle top coats :)

Catrice "From Dusk till dawn",  and "Bloody Mary to go" (jelly).

S-he "454", "384".

H&M "Happy Purple", "Happy Grey" and "Check me out".  B.Pretty "silver stars" (holo glitter).

Then while I was logging in my new colors on my spreadsheet, my niece (she's 9) was over my house and as always I use her as my "swatch victim".

I always use her bare naked 10 digits as my canvas to test my new colors.  She immediately took a shine to the "Happy Grey"....such a good eye!

Since she had a father/daughter dance to go to that night, I offered to do her nails...and she quickly added "Can we do a stickey sandwich?"...I was so happy...I taught her well...I shed a tear and said to myself  "A nail addict has been born!" LOL!

"Happy Grey" is a pretty putty colored grey with a slight pearlescent shimmer!

Doesn't she have the cutest little nubbins?? Now I just have to teach her how to ease up on her "death grip" polish hold technique...LOL :)
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Jackie S. said...
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Zara said...

Happy Gray looks great on her!

KarenD said...

Great color! I think H&M is just about as bad as Sally Hansen as far as having so many bottle shapes and sizes.

Love that your niece knows what a stickey sandwich is. :)

Jackie S. said...

Yes, it really made me laugh when she requested the sandwich, my mom heard her and asked "a sticky sandwich?"..I have not had a chance to school her yet on what it is...LOL! :)

Donna said...

You need to stop her from biting and picking at her cuticles. I know because her hands look like a tiny version of mine! lol Maybe get her some cuticle butter or oil for Christmas and show her how to push them back with an orange stick. I bet if she's taking care of them the right way she'll want pretty fingers for putting polish on.