Monday, May 9, 2011

B.I.B: Bring It Back

Have you noticed that those single name supermodels — Linda, Christy, Naomi, Claudia — are back with a vengeance and looking better than ever, stomping down runways and landing starring roles in cosmetic and fashion campaigns?

Well, we're happy to re-launch our superstar polishes—the colors that won your votes back in November. Like comeback star Kristen McMenamy, you've happily brought these colors out of early retirement:
  • Bruised – This plumy brown could be your new "go to" neutral.
  • Bikini Bottom – A watery pale aqua blue, perfect for your own Swimsuit Issue.
  • Purple Haze – With explosions of color on the runways, it’s time for your nails to have fun with this vivid violet.
  • Black Russian – This black hue with a subtle sheen of red shimmer is the Nadia Auermann of polishes. Scary sexy.
  • Stormy – Like winter clouds heavy with snow, Stormy is a moody and mysterious dark gray—the sophisticated older sister to last year’s inky black polishes. It gives nails the appearance of semi-precious stones, like steely grey hematite. 
They are back and you can get them HERE
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