Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review and Coupon Code: Beauty Express Mall

Beauty Express Mall is an online retailer that carries a full line of Crackle Glaze nail polish by Sassy Nails in 9 different colors, including exciting colors like neon yellow and sea green..Woo Hoo!

I have today the color "Candy Red".


The instructions are very specific, the crackle glaze must be applied within 4 minutes after the base color has been applied. Different from the instructions for the other Crackle polishes we've seen. Wet polish is best!!

 So I quickly applied 2 coats of my base color, China Glaze "Papaya Punch" and then one coat of "Candy Red"

 This is VERY different than the crackles by OPI and China Glaze.  The cracks are smaller and more "low-key" and subtle.  I REALLY like it!!! My favorite part is that it dries super super shiny!

The formula is smoother and more "sleek",  than other crackles. It applies like regular polish basically, which makes application a BREEZE!!!

Look at those great little cracks peaking thru...definitely different and unique and for those ladies who do not like the bigger cracks, this is for you :)

Beauty Express Mall offers this is jet black, sea green. dark blue, neon yellow, candy red, golden yellow, midnight purple, CLEAR, sky blue...yeah you heard me..CLEAR!!! I want that one!!!!

I can see it now.....matte nail polish with a clear crackle...AWESOME..GENIUS!!!!

Next time I will do one nail at a time, to make sure the base polish is still really wet.  I wonder if the cracks will be different?! Stay tuned!

So go get you some of these beauties and  for my readers Beauty Express Mall is offering 30% off all products with the code  NAILPOLISH30.

They also carry, nail art pens, glitter polish pens with rhinestones and various other beauty care items.  Check them out, Beauty Express Mall.

 *These items were provided for review.
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TraceFace said...

Oooh interesting!!

Lacquered Lover said...

That's so cool! So different from China Glaze or OPI, I love the tiny little cracks! And the yellow under the red is pretty slick!

itsfASHiontime said...

I love those colors together! Very fruity and summery and pretty! :)

BMR said...

Love how subtle it is. I kinda want to see the OPI Red Shatter over Papaya Punch now!

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