Tuesday, July 30, 2013

From my niece Lys!


Today I have an extra special post, because I was gifted two polishes from my wish list from my niece, Lys.

Nicole by OPI "Fresh Squeezed" and OPI "Alpine Snow". I have "Alpine Snow"- Matte, but I do not have the regular version. DUH! *smack forehead* .

Since you all have seen white polish before, here are swatches of the Nicole by OPI Color.

Nicole by OPI "Fresh Squeezed"
3 coats, no top coat

"Fresh Squeezed" is a super juicy orange jelly-like polish with added metallic orange glitter. I have wanted this polish for a long time,  but because my wish list grows everyday with new polish, some of the older "wish list" colors get lost in the list. Good thing my niece remembered I wanted this, and grabbed it for me. Good lookin out babe!

This applied smoothly, but it was a bit thin, so 3 coats was necessary for opacity.

Here is a pic of it in indirect lighting...

I love that glitter, it is so pretty, and makes this polish perfect for summer! In the sunlight it is bright orange, but indoors the red undertones make this polish darker and the glitter more poignant.

Lys is such a sweetheart, she packaged these up and shipped them to me cross country.  She reads my blog often, and I always send her polish and tools to use. I think I was more excited that she learned well from me, and packed the polish properly using lots of bubble wrap, baggies and a box. Woo Hoo!!!

Thanks Lys, I love you!

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Erika Costello said...

That orange is so juicy and bright. Love it! :)

Vick said...

Looks beautiful!

Johanna (Paillette) said...

It's a great polish!