Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zoya Chopping Block: Part 2

Hello Sweettarts

Today is Part 2 of my executions, and we have 2 more defendants

Defendant #3 and #4 are from E.L.F.'s line of polishes "Champagne" and "Dark Navy".


I bought this color, because I was in search of "my prefect nude" for any women of color this is a very difficult task, let me tell you. In the bottle the polish had a more neutral tone, with a little silver shimmer, on my was PINK.

Now here is a little tidbit about me, I do have pink polishes in polish my collection, but whenever I try them on, I never like them on me. Now I'm not talking about hot pink or fuchsia, but light pinks, barbie pinks, pepto pinks :)

This may stem from me having a "barbie pink" room for the majority of my toddler youth, but before you shed a tear for me, let me tell you that it was ME who requested the I got what I asked for...boy has that come back to bite me in the sweet spot !! :)

Back to nudes.....I have taken on a lifetime search for "my perfect nude" and "my decent pink"....These lifetime searches keep my obsession with polish alive and I need any reason to love polish!!

Back to "Champagne"...this was two coats, nice formula, a bit streaky but no "real" complaints...the color just makes me shrug my not really gonna miss this one. Next...

"Dark Navy"

Yeah, you've guessed by now with all the lovely pics (ignore the poor paint job) of this beauty, that I HAVE to keep it. This is 2 coats, but let me tell you it was opaque and damn near perfect in one coat. Which totally surprised me!

It's you know I already have a weakness for it...but when I took this baby outside...I said to my self..."oh no, I gotta keep it" truth be told, I have A LOT of blue polishes, and even more dark blue, but like a mother defending her 8 children, they are all so different, I love them all. LOL!

Verdict for these two E.L.F. polishes...

BOTH Guilty...... but "Dark Navy" gets an early presidential pardon for being BLUE!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...HA :P

What color of nail polish do you obsess over?
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Dainty Darling Digits said...

I have to say I don't obsess over a specific color at all! Is it bad that I kinda wish I did? lol

Susie said...

I have both but have only tried the dark blue. It was nice but looked almost black on me. :)
Love your blog,

Unknown said...

@IOverlada- No its good that you don't obsess over a specific color, its nice to have a variety to love! :)

@susie1955- It does look black indoors, but outside in the sun..its so nice, but like I said its an obsession! :0

Susie said...

Next time I'll wear it outside. :)

Chickadee said...

I am obsessed with teal... I have on Color Club Gossip Column right now and I totally love it, even though it chipped after less than 24 hrs. All shades of teal just make me smile and go "Ooohhh."

Unknown said...

@ Susies1955- definitely give it one more chance :)

@chickadee1066- I love when a color makes you smile, what a great feeling! :P

Anonymous said...

good call keeping the blue!!!! it looks dupey of Illamasqua Phallic