Monday, May 31, 2010

Nail Art Dare: Iced Melon

Kirsten at The Dutch Nail Blog dared me to do nail art and the theme was "Food".  Now, nail art is not my thing, I haven't ventured into the Konad world...yet, so nail art is  virgin territory for me.  I love to see it, but I've never tried it....especially free hand...sans Konad.  

However, I love a dare, so my first thought was "grapefruits", I love them soo much..but when I tried them on my nail, it turned out looking like sections of pastel wagon wheels from the 1800' bueno!

So then I decided on a very appropriate food for summer and Memorial Day and that is "Watermelon".

I used:
Nina Ultra Pro "Tutti Fruitti"
China Glaze "Watermelon Rind"
Diamond Cosmetics "Starry Night"
Zoya "Snow White"

Double header nail art brush (other side is a dotting tool) and an eyeliner brush I picked up at TJ Maxx.
2 coats of Tutti Fruitti, then I used my eyeliner brush dipped in acetone and dug out the entire tip for the green. Added 2 coats of the green, and used the nail art brush for the white and also for the seeds. 

I could have done better on the seeds, but not too bad for my first nail art, No? I liked using all sparkly polishes, it added a nice "ice cold" shimmer to my watermelons...LOL

Have you ever tried doing nail art, without Konad? How did it go?

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Let the "Dark Side" take over!

I went to the "Star Wars Concert" yesterday with my brother and of course I did a Star Wars inspired manicure.

I used:
1 coat Diamond Cosmetics "Starry Night"
1 coat Icing's "Blackout"
China Glaze "Pool Party"
China Glaze "Towel Boy Toy"
Diamond Cosmetics "Silver Brocade"
Zoya "Snow White"
 Blackout is very sheer, so I had to use Starry Night as a base.  Starry Night has more pigment  and very nice black glass flecks, and served as a great 1 coat base under Blackout.  Black out is a fun, holographic glitter polish, that looks great in the light, perfect for my manicure.

For the light sabers, after I did the layers of Starry Night and Blackout, I took a tooth pick and literally dragged out a line on my nail.  I filled it with a coat of white polish, and then 2 coats of Pool Party on one nail, and Towel Boy Toy on the other, all using my double header nail art brush.  Then I painted Silver Brocade on the bottom to make the handles. Done!
Are you a Jedi?

Our did the dark side take over? LOL

Ha ha ha, the concert was really great, there was a full orchestra and choir that  played and sung all the scores set to scenes from the movies. 

Each set was based on a character, and the entire concert was hosted by the actor who played C3PO...sweet!

My personal favorites were all the scores set to the "Dark Side" and "Lord Vader",  I'm partial to villains, the scores were so much stronger and crisp than the other scores!

Who is your favorite character from Star Wars?
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Friday, May 28, 2010

I love OGRES!

 ....and you do too, if you have O.P.I's "Ogre The Top Blue".

This is a beautiful blue creme, bright and very pretty, perfect for the summer!

Whenever I wear a blue polish, I stare at it on my nails, I smile, its great....and when I take it off I'm always a little "Bye, bye old friend"'s hilarious in hindsight, but at the time I hate to see it go... on the cotton the trash...I'm nuts! :( LOL!

3 coats with a top coat of Poshe Fast Drying Top Coat. Perfect formula, perfect blue...NUFF Said!

I'm going to the "Star Wars Concert" this weekend, and I am trying to decide what color is "Jedi" appropriate... any ideas?

Happy Friday!
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Sweet Blog Award

I got a sweet treat...THREE TIMES from Stephanie at Imperfectly Painted Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes   ,and  Theresia at Amused Polish.

Thanks Chicas!

So here are 10 more bloggers who I think deserve this

Scandalously Polished (the sweetest blogger around)
Bright Lights, Big Color (she has a baking blog too!)
Lissa's Nails
Le Vernis Chocolat

Getcha Nails Did (she has a huge giveaway now, check it out)
Nail Newby (she's new to the game, and just starting out, check her out)
Lacquer Lady

The Hungry Asian
The Dutch Nail Blog (she gave me a nail challenge check back next week for my results)
The Edge of Sanity

The instructions that came with it were:

1) Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you.

2) Put the award on your blog.

3) Give this award to 10 sweet bloggers.

4) Let your nominated 10 know you've awarded them by leaving a comment.

I love all these blogs and each one is so neat and individual, I hope they enjoy this award, pass it on to your favorite 10 blogs! :)
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mellow Yellow!!!

Hello my mellow fellows...

No I'm not high...just annoyed that we don't have any damn SUN...LOL!

So I have some SUNNY TIPS for you..take that rainy weather >:P. 

For you I have China Glaze "Happy Go Lucky", topped with Orly's "Live Wire".

Live wire is too thin on its own, but on top it added just the spark I needed, well I thought I needed!

Some of the polishes from the Up and Away collection have been really thick for me, and this one was no exception.

It was too damn THICK, and I only applied 1 coat of "Happy Go Lucky", with 2 coats of "Live wire".

Pretty.... Bright.... Sunny..... Happy?...NO HAPPY!!   I had bubbles.  Too small to see but they were there. 

"Happy Go Lucky"...DID NOT make me happy
You can see some of the bubbles here on the ring finger...UUGGHH!

I love the colors of the Up and Away collection, but I do not have all day to literally watch PAINT DRY, just so I can avoid getting bubbles on my nails!

Did you have the same problem with "Happy Go Lucky"?
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taupe anyone?

So I'm in the office kitchen and one of my co-workers walks by with a really nice taupe colored sweater, I said "That's a nice sweater...I like the color...I have a nail polish that color"....Classic statement from me, everyone knows I have a nail polish "issue"...although I seem to be the only one who does not think it is an "issue"...LOL!

Anyway, after thinking about the color,  I realized that I have enough taupe's to do a comparison, so here it is....

Color Clubs "High Society"

OPI "Over the taupe"
OPI "You don't know Jacques"

Left to right (on the finger) Color club, Over the Taupe, High Society, and You don't know Jacques
Left to Right (bottles) High Society, Over the Taupe, You don't know Jacques.

I really like them all, "High Society" is a more dusty taupe, "Over the taupe" is a brighter more "hot cocoa" taupe, and Y.D.K.J is more of a darker mushroom taupe.  Who knew there were so many versions of taupe's?

Oh and by the way my co-workers sweater was closer to "You don't know Jacques" :) 
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I need, I want....

Need I say more?

Damn you China Glaze for making such "HOT" ,"MUST HAVE" colors! :):)

Which colors from this set are you drooling over?


Sultry Fall Colors Entice The Fashionable Palette

Los Angeles, CA – (April 2010): For Fall 2010, the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection captures the vivid and saturated hues of the 1940’s with this seductively complex palette. These classic shades of the season recreate the timeless tableau of movie land mystique, perfect red pouts and steamy nights where swing was the scene!

Step out with these multi-faceted jewel tones, rich reds, titillating taupes and smoldering sands. This collection deliverers a high octane 40’s era glamour with a sophisticated edge! The 12 colors in this collection include:

  • Riveter Rouge – Deep red shimmer
  • Foxy – Burgundy frost with shimmer
  • Goin’ My Way – Brown frost with copper shimmer
  • Classic Camel – Khaki crème with gold micro glitter
  • Swing Baby –  Taupe frost with silver micro glitter
  • Ingrid – “Greige” crème with copper micro glitter
  • Hey Doll – Rose frost with shimmer
  • Bogie – Plum frost with shimmer
  • First Class Ticket – Deep purple frost with shimmer
  • Midnight Mission – Navy blue frost with silver micro glitter
  • Emerald Fitzgerald – Turquoise green frost with shimmer
  • Jitterbug – Grey chrome with silver micro glitter

The China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection starts shipping June 6th internationally and July 6th, 2010 domestically. All 12 colors will be available as open stock, in 6 piece box collections, a 12 piece counter display and a 36 piece rack. China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. 

China Glaze colors may change from season to season, but our longwearing formula continues to provide consumers with the highest quality nail lacquers. Designed with the professional in mind, our 220-strand brush is great for ease of application. Best of all, our non-thickening formula provides perfectly even coverage.  China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: and follow China Glaze on Twitter: China Glaze is a division of American International Industries.  

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Butter London

A couple months ago there was an offer on offering Butter London for $5 each, I didn't even blink, I ordered 3 and was on my merry way!!!!

I ordered :
"Billy No Mates"
"Teddy Boy"

First up "Billy No Mates"
2 coats

It's a soft super light  (almost white) grey creme.  Very "spooky pretty".

The formula was nice for such a light color, smooth and easy to place.  I hate the square top though, no matter the angle you hold it sucks

It was hard to hold and I tried to remove the did come off.... but not easily!

In looking at this color, it reminded me of a color in the Color Club Rebel Debutante collection.
This is Color club "Who are you wearing" on the index finger and the ring finger.  "Billy No Mates" is on the middle finger and the pinkie.

They both have the same "ghostly" look to them, but Billy is grey and "Who are you wearing" is more of a super light nude. I like Billy because it has a blueish quality to it, very different!

3 coats
Nude perfection..I loved this color and I am so happy I found a great nude polish!

It is a soft creme nude, with "warm" yellow undertones, so pretty!

I finally found my perfect nude :):)
This color reminded me of ANOTHER color in the rebel debutante collection...
This is "Crumpet" on the index and ring finger, and 2 coats of Color Club "Best Dressed List" on the middle and pinkie.
Best Dressed List has more blue undertones, much "cooler" than Crumpet.
Now I have two great nudes...sweet!

"Teddy Boy"
2 coats
This was deceiving it looks like chocolate, but on the hand...

This was like a mix between a plum creme with a little chocolate...sounds yummy, and OF COURSE this reminded me of two other polishes I had...soooo...

On the index is Finger Paints "Plum Pumps"- 2 coats, on the ring finger Teddy Boy, on the ring finger "Runway Reality"- 3 coats, and on the pinkie Teddy Boy!

The Finger Paints and Butter London colors are close, but none of them are dupes for it. 

I really like the Butter London formula.  It is not very consistent, some needed 2 coats, some 3 but, all the colors seem like "Classic" colors that offer much more, they are classic with a little kick.  

I need more of these!

Have you tried Butter London?
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Purple is the winner: My First Giveaway


I started this blog almost one month ago to the day, I have 114 followers, I think its time for a giveaway..No?

Thanks to everyone who voted and followed the winning color is PURPLE!!!

I searched high and low for just the right things and here they are:

NEW to Orly "Velvet Rope"
NEW to Revlon "Grape Icy" smells like grapes, even with a topcoat :P
NEW to Finger Paints "Passionate Purple" from the "Love at First Bright Collection" 2010.
Grape Laffy Taffy Lip Balm...with jokes on the tube!
Pumice Sponge for hands and feet...its purple too!
Can't forget the candy, Jumbo Push Pop in "Berry Blast"
(Everything is new and unused)

I'm doing this one real simple, until I get the hang of it :)

1) You MUST be a follower.  If you already are...GREAT...If not, JOIN the fun!

2) Fill out my form below.  I need your follower name and email in order to contact you and let you know that you won. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR INFO IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

3) An extra entry is you add my giveaway to your blog.  Please leave the link location so I can check. :)

4)Please try and fill out the form once. I will check for multiple entries

5) Also, let me know which is your favorite purple polish EVER, and if you don't have a favorite purple polish tell me which polish in my giveaway you are most excited to have :)

6) Contest is open to domestic and international followers till WEDNESDAY JUNE 30th . I will stop taking entries June 30th at midnight EST.

After that time, I will use a to select a winner and I will contact that person. That person has 48 hours to respond and then I'll pick another number .

Sound good?  Good luck and thanks for following!
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I walked into a Sally's today...

...needing ONLY remover, and then I discovered I had a 15% coupon in my wallet and there was a free offer with the purchase of 2 China Glaze polishes.......and then this happened...

CG Pool Party, Towel Boy Toy and Fast Forward Top Coat.

The Sally's deal was for another Fast Dry Top Coat, but my Sally's was out of it and they decided to replace it with the China Glaze top coat. SCORE!

Flip Flop Fantasy, Sun Worshipper, and another Fast Forward Top Coat :):)

Nina Ultra Pro Tutti Frutti and a much needed sharpener that has 4 different sized holes

Oh and the remover with some thinner....and then I come home and there is freshly baked banana bread waiting (my mom loves to bake) :P:P.......yummy! :P

Also after I purchased all this .....the lovely computer at Sally's spit out another 15% off coupon..SCORE!

Has anyone tried the China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat?
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Its Friday, HOLO Day!

I am so exhausted, yesterday was a little hectic and it kicked my ass...but I'm still standing! ( I love that song, by Elton John)

Okay here is Nubar Essence, a beautiful peachy/rose shade with lots of holographic glitter.  This is a really pretty shade, very lady like with lots of BLING!

This is 2 coats, with 2 coats of Poshe fast dry top coat.  It was kinda bump that why i did two coats of top coat.  I should have done 3 coats of the polish, because it chipped after day 1..GGRRRRR...I was soo tired when I did this mani, that I called it quits at 2 coats.  I'm sure that with 3 coats it would have lasted longer!

I'm so happy its Friday...are you?
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

WOO HOO..... Purple wins!

You voted and Purple is going to be the color theme for my first giveaway.

Blue was 2nd and Green was 3rd.

So now I get to go shopping for purple polish, so many new ones to choose from, I'll post about the giveaway Monday!

On a side note I love this print of Hello Kitty as Prince...awesome!

No... I'm not giving it away, IN the giveaway, I don't even have it myself...I wish!

I love purple, I love Prince...see the connection...all is right with the world!

Thanks for voting!!!
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Holo-tastic..Part Deaux!

Hello again-

I have another holographic beauty for ya...

Nubar "Prize", and boy what a prize it is
3 coats with 2 coats of Poshe.

Prize is a red holographic glitter.  The pics do not pick up how great the holographic effect is on the nails, just look at the bottle and that's how  it looks on the nail....prismatic!

 A little "night time" holographic action, it's like a strobe light at a club...woo hoo!
What is your favorite Holographic polish?
FYI- Removing this, is like removing a heavy glitter bueno...use the "foil method" :)
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CND Shellac on AOL

Hello there my little candy corns-

We've known about this process for awhile now, and we have all seen the post from our fellow bloggers, but CND Shellac has made the big time....AOL.

This popped up on my AOL web page this morning!  

"CND Shellac 14 Day Manicure - I Tried It!"

Check it out here on  AOL
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hello nail fanatics

I'm sure you know all about the fantastic invention that we call "Holographic Nail Polish"...I swear I could just kiss the man or woman that decided to put tiny light prisms on my tips!

So beautiful, so sparkly...just plain friggin awesome!

Well here is a new polish added to "my world".

Milani "Cyberspace"
A light blue holographic polish, so pretty, so necessary
3 coats, with two coats of Poshe Fast Drying Top Coat

I had to take this off after two days, because I kept staring at my hands while I was bueno :)
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hidden Away?

Hello ladies...riddle me this...what do you get when you mix colors from China Glazes's Up and Away collection (most of the collection) with Sally Hansen's new Hidden Treasure?

The answers are below...

(l-r) Something Sweet, High Hopes, Happy Go Lucky, Lemon Fizz.
Here they are again, with Hidden Treasure...yum yum!
 Here are the others that I have from the collection...
Above (plain) and below with Hidden Treasure (l-r) Four Leaf Clover, Re-freshmint, Grape Pop, and Light as Air.

So pretty!

I love "Grape Pop" and "High Hopes" the best!

Whats your favorite "Candy Coated" coating for nails?

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