Wish List

*** = I really want it!

Those that seriously elude me...

Essie "Starry Starry Night"***

American Apparel "Berry"
American Apparel "Factory Grey"

art de Lautrec "416"

Barry M "Gold Mine"
Barry M "Green Berry" Gelly Effect

Black Phoenix "Bordello"

Bloom "Bianca"

Borghese “Red Glitter”

BB Couture "Plums and Sugar"
BB Couture "Prince Charming Blue"
BB Couture "Midnight Malibu"
BB Couture "Opposite's Attract"
BB Couture "Erotic Night"
BB Couture “Disco Ball”
BB Couture "Tequila Sunrise"
BB Couture "Fairytale"
BB Couture "Nightmare"
BB Couture: Spellbound"
BB Couture "Joker"
BB Couture "Formal"
BB Couture "Coal Miner"
BB Couture "Cleopatra/Anthony", "Michael/Carla"
BB Couture "Vise"
BB Couture "Huckleberry Martini"
BB Couture "Impact Driver"
BB Couture "Intake Valve"
BB Couture "Heavy Metal"
BB Couture "Cotton Tail"

Butter London "Come to bed red"
Butter London "Stag Do"
Butter London "Slapper"
Butter London "Giddy Kipper"
Butter London "Royal Navy"***
Butter London "Stroppy 2.0"
Butter London Sozzled"
Butter London "Airy Fairy"

Catrice :
Blue Highway
Play It Blue
Be Indiglow
Beam Me Scotty!***
Moonlight Express
Houston's Favorite
San Francisco
Discreet Artist
Picked Cherry Blossoms
Madam Butterfly
Dance In Gion
Planet Tokyo
Papa Don't Preach
Earnie and Birdy
Oh My Goldness!
I'm Not A Greenager
Miss Piggy's BF
Walk The Lime
Shopping Day At Bluemingdales
Denim Moore
Caught On The Red Carpet
Bloody Mary To Go
Fred Said Red
Bricky Mouse
The Monkey Gets Funky
The GlamoureX Factor
Robert’s Red Ford
Raspberryfields Forever
Will You Berry Me?!
Even More Heavy Metallilac
The Dark Knight
In The Armee Glow
Mint Me Up
The Effect Maker
Vino Tinto
Black To The Routes
I’m Dynamite
CHI "Chi Hot Ring Illusion Around Saturn"

Chanel “Nuit De Russie”
Chanel "Blue Satin"
Chanel "Holographic"
Chanel "Vamp" The original from the 90's
Chanel "Bel-Argus"
Chanel "Azure"

Cheeky Monkey "Tease"

Chick Polish "Rocker Chick"
Chick Polish "Troll Juice"

China Glaze "Adore"
China Glaze "Indian Ocean"
China Glaze "Spellbound"
China Glaze "Love's a Beach"
China Glaze “Mango Madness”
China Glaze "Sunshine"
China Glaze "Grape Crush"
China Glaze "Crystal Ball"
China Glaze "Emerald Fitzgerald"
China Glaze "Recycle"
China Glaze "Get Outta My Space"
China Glaze "Not In This Galaxy"
China Glaze "Don't Be A Luna-tic"
China Glaze "White Out"
China Glaze "Goldie But Goodie"
China Glaze "Gossip Over Gimlets"
China Glaze "Tongue and Chic"
China Glaze "Bump In The Night"
China Glaze "Sand Dolla Make You Holla"
China Glaze "Seahorsin' Around"
China Glaze "Choo-Choo Choose You"
China Glaze "Feeling Twinkly"
China Glaze "I'd Melt For You"
China Gaze "Meet Me Under The Stars"
China Glaze "Out LIke A Light"
China Glaze " Pine-ing For Glitter"

Chinoiserie "Black Orchid"

Cirque "Tibetan Nights"
Cirque "Alter Ego"
Cirque "Epoch"
Cirque "Lapis"
Cirque "Fascination Street"

Clarins 209 "Ocean Bleu Abysse"

CND “Asphalt”
CND Effects “Ice Blue shimmer"
CND “Amethyst sparkle”
CND "Sugar sparkle".
CND “Deep Violet” (HTF)
CND “Family Secret” (HTF)
CND “Cashmere” (HTF)
CND “Bloodline”
CND "Eclectic Purple"
CND "Magic"
CND "Urban Oasis"
CND "Teal Sparkle"

Color Club “Smoke and Mirrors”
Color Club "Sex Symbol"
Color Club "Ultra Violet"
Color Club "Tattoo"
Color Club "Too Violet"
Color Club "Out and About (nude)
Color Club “I love you”(pink glitter)
Color Club "Power Play"
Color Club "Blue-ming"
Color Club "Sunrise Canyon"
Color Club "Mamba"

Colors by Llarowe "Little Red Corvette"***
Colors by Llarowe "In The Navy"***
Colors by Llarowe "Purple Rain"***

Collistar "Viola Glitter"

Cover Girl Crackle "Lemon Crush"
Cover Girl Outlast "Out of the Blue"
Cover Girl Outlast "Mint Mojito"

Cult Nails "Nevermore" (new or used)
Cult Nails "Wax That"
Cult Nails "Wack Slacks"
Cult Nails "Disillusion"***

Daring Digits "Frosted Lights"

Darling Diva "Gett Off"***
Darling Diva "Little Red Corvette"***
Darling Diva "Erotic City"***
Darling Diva "DMSR"***
Darling Diva "Secret Admirer"***

Dance Legend "Moondust"
Dance Legend "Malachite"
Dance Legend "Amethyst"
Dance Legend "White Noise"
Dance Legend Thermo "174, 173, 172, 168, 164, 162, 161, 170"

Different Dimension "Orion Nebula"***
Different Dimension "Money"

Dior “Silver Pearl”
Dior “Poison blue”
Dior “Nude Chic”
Dior "Tuxedo"
Dior "Nuit"
Dior "Delice" Sparkling Shine Collec. 2013
Dior "Diablotine" Sparkling Shine Collec. 2013

Depend "104"

Dollish Polish "Purple Rain"**

Duri "Fallen Angel"
Duri "Demons"

Elevation Polish "Avalanche"
Elevation Polish "Pic de Sotllo"
Elevation Polish "The Wit"

Emily de Molly "Black Forest"
Emily de Molly "Dark Forces"

Enchanted Polish - ANY ( I have none)

Essie "Purple Rain"
Essie “Ruby slippers”***
Essie “Red Nouveau”
Essie “Over the knee”
Essie "Avenue Maintain"
Essie "Hip-Anema"
Essie "Under Where"
Essie "Come Here"
Essie "In The Cab-Ana"

Estee Lauder "Extravagant Night"
Estee Lauder "Viper"

Etos Effect Nails "905"

Eyeko “Pastel Polish”

Fingerpaints “Icy Iris”
Fingerpaints "Hue Rang?"
Fingerpaints " Itsy Bitsy Spider"

The Face Shop “BL607 or 604”, “BL602”

Funky Fingers "Hyper"
Funky Fingers "Jester"
Funky Fingers "Moonwalk"
Funky Fingers "Bella's Boy"

Girly Bits "A Mothers Love"

GOSH "Frou-Frou"
GOSH "Metallic Green"
GOSH "Golden Brown"

Hard Candy "Pink Taffy"
Hard Candy "Pixie Pink"
Hard Candy "Jelly Bean Blue"
Hard Candy "Gummy Green"
Hard Candy "Cotton Candy Pink"
Hard Candy "Frenzy"

Hits "Apolo"
Hits "Dionisio"
Hits Mari Moon "Artsy"
Hits Mari Moon "Dreamer"
Hits  Phenomena "After glow"
Hits Phenomena "Moonbow"

HJ Manicure “Tinsel”
HJ Manicure “Midnight Sky”

HK Girl "Glisten and Glow" Top Coat***

H and M "Liberty Girl"
H and M "Creme de la creme"
H and M "Envy Me"
H and M "Moody Model"
H and M "Miss Stone heart"
H and M "Spending Cash with Carl"

Illamasqua "Propaganda"
Illamasqua "Mottle"
Illamasqua "Force"
Illamasqua "Charisma"
Illamasqua "Creator"
Illamasqua "Aorta"
Illamasqua "Nomad"
Illamasqua "Eclipse"
Illamasqua "Seance"
Illamasqua "Omen"
Illamasqua "Geist"

I Love Nail Polish "Cyngus Loop"***
I Love Nail Polish "Mutagen"***
I Love Nail Polish "Sirene"
I Love Nail Polish "Reminisce"
I Love Nail Polish "Nostalgia"***

InDecisive Lacquer "Inchor Red"
InDecisive Lacquer "Inchor Purple"
InDecisive Lacquer "Inchor Blue"
InDecisive Lacquer "Inchor Clear to Black"

Inglot "205"
Inglot "710"

Jade "Fascinio"
Jade "Magia"
Jade "Psicodelica"
Jade "Vermelho Surreal"
Jade "Extasy"
Jade "Uau"

Jessica “Bikini Blue”
Jessica "Mauboy I"
Jessica "Lilac Snow Flake"
Jessica “Midnight Moonlight”
Jessica "Majesty Blue"
Jessica "Alexis"
Jessica "Alia"
Jessica "Ava"

J2 "Patent Leather"
J2 "Midnight Affair"

Jindie Nails "Candy Land Remix"***
Jindie Nails "Blue Ivy"
Jindie Nails "Silent Night"
Jindie Nails "Rave"
Jindie Nails "Purple Rain-bow"
Jindie Nails "Nude Beach 86 the Stars"***

JINsoon "Blue Iris"
JINsoon "Blue Poppy"
JINsoon "Jasper"
JINsoon "Epidote"
JINsoon "Azurite" ***

Joe Fresh "Peacock"

KBShimmer "Orange-A-Peel"
KBShimmer "Don't Teal Anyone"
KBShimmer "Squared Away"
KBShimmer "I Got A Crush On Blue"
KBShimmer "Iris My Case" 
KBShimmer "Totally Tubular"***
KBShimmer "It's Razz-ical"

Kiko "#246"

KM Nail Lacquer “Purple Bloom”

KPT Thermal "Cupric"***
KPT Thermal "Permanganate
KPT Thermal "Bleu Lagoon"***

Lacquer Lust "Purple Reign"***

Laquerlicious "Behind the Scenes"

L.A.Girl 3D Effect "Purple Effect"
L.A.Girl 3D Effect "Dazzling Pink"
L.A.Girl 3D Effect "Sparkle Ruby"
L.A.Girl 3D Effect "Silver"

LCN "Blue Oasis"

Lippmann "Wicked Game"
Lippmann “Pop Life”***
Lippmann “Shut Up and Drive”
Lippmann “Pump up the jam”
Lippmann “Lady is a tramp”
Lippmann “Don't tell mama”
Lippmann "Devil in a Blue dress"
Lippmann "Rockin Robin"
Lippmann "Glitter And Be Gay"
Lippmann "Laughin To The Bank"
Lippmann "Shake Your Money Maker"***
Lippmann "Rollin In The Deep"***
Lippmann "Va Va Voom"***
Lippmann "Single Ladies"

Liquid Euphoria " Bliss"

Literary Lacquers "Grey Cat/Grey Fence"
Literary  Lacquers "The Count"
Literary  Lacquers "Mina"
Literary  Lacquers "Lucy"
Literary Lacquers "Woman of Pleasure"

Lancome “Indigo Paris”

Lil' Bling Chrome Nail Polish "Raspberry Beret"

L’Oreal Bijou Crystals “B. Rebellious”

Lush Lacquer "It's A Breeze"

Lynnderella "Bird Brain Blue"***
Lynnderella "A Very Pretty Vampire"- the first one.
Lynnderella "The Very Thought Of Blue"
Lynnderella "Mermaid Magic"
Lynnderella "Rising Sign"
Lynnderella "Night Shade"
Lynnderella "Topaz Optimism"***
Lynnderella "Garnet Grace"***

MAC "Studded"
MAC "Pistachio Creme"
MAC "Blue Velvet"

Manhattan "Crazy Colors"

Maybelline "Twinkle, Twinkle"
Maybelline Colorama “Sonic Sunset”
Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots "Dotty"
Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots "Rainforest Canopy" UK version
Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots "Shooting Stars" UK version

Misa “The grass is greener on my side”
Misa "What I ike about you"
Misa "Radiant"
Misa "Blame it on Fat Tuesday"
Misa "Throw me something purple please"
Misa "Persian Carpet"
Misa "Embroidered Emerald girl"
Misa "Love Bite"
Misa "Time Square at Midnight"
Misa "Mirror, Mirror"
Misa "EnVogue"
Misa "Sinful senorita"
Misa "Latte 2 go"
Misa "Fatal Affair"

MNY "#549"
MNY "205A"

Nabi "Blue Sky"

Nails Inc “Bow Street”
Nails Inc. “Half Moon Street”
Nails Inc "Chesham Street"
Nails Inc "Cornwall"
Nails Inc Leather Effect "NOHO"

NARS "Storm Bird"
NARS "New York Dolls"
NARS "Jungle Red"
NARS "Superstar"
NARS "Amchoor"
NARS "Koliary"
NARS "Madness"
NARS "Fury"
NARS "Lost Red"
NARS "Dance Dance Dance"
NARS "Manosque"

Nat Robbins "Midnight Hour"

Nicole by OPI "In your hands"
Nicole by OPI “Respect the world”
Nicole by OPI “Blues in the night”
Nicole by OPI "Holiday's Glaze"
Nicole by OPI "Miss Independent"
Nicole by OPI "Traffic Cone"

Ninja Polish "Shillelagh"***
Ninja Polish Cover Band "CaNDy Teal Twinkle"***
Ninja Polish "Hydra"

Nubar "Sensual Red"
Nubar "White Polka Dots"
Nubar "Black Polka Dots"
Nubar "Holographic Glitter"
Nubar Fortress Collection “Knights perfection”and "Stronghold"
Nubar "Vaso, Rosso"
Nubar "Royal George Blue"***

NYC "Uptown"

NYX “Purple Ave.”
NYX "Fame"
NYX "Asphalt"
NYX "Jungle"
NYX Deep Space"
NYX "Sunday Afternoon"
NYX "Blue Avenue"

NFU OH “38, 40(50), 44, 49, 50(40), 53, 56, 59, 60, 64(prpl.holo), 65(bl.holo), 66(grn.holo), 67, 80, GS14(blk.glitter) and 394(tiff), 570 (dark blue), GS14”

OCC "Inky"

OPI "Top Coat"- Clear and regular (not quick drying). This is a staple of mine!
OPI "Do You Lilac It?"
OPI "A Grape Fit"
OPI "Speak For Your-Elf"
OPI "DS-Divine"
OPI "Sonic Bloom"
OPI "Standing room only" (silver) Must have!
OPI “Jasper Jade”
OPI "Dominant Jeans"
OPI "Hey! Get In Lime"
OPI "La Boheme" duochrome version
OPI "Electric Eel"
OPI "Can't You Sea?"
OPI "See? I Told You!"
OPI "Band Aid"
OPI "Go Platinum in 60 Seconds"
OPI "Revvd Up and Red-y"
OPI "You Make me Vroom"
OPI "The IT Color"
OPI "Galactic Spice"
OPI "Amethyst Abyss"
OPI "Telepathic Topaz"
OPI "Minnie Style"
OPI "White Gold Flake Top Coat" from the Mariah Carey Collex.***

Orly “Glam Rock”
Orly "Go Deeper"
Orly "Peaceful Opposition"
Orly "Angel Rain"
Orly "Pixie Powder"
Orly Matte Flakie Top Coat "Green"
Orly Matte Flakie Top Coat "Pink"

Omega Labs “Golden Green”

Ozotic Pro "600", "505"

Pahlish "Toxic and Timeless"
Pahlish "My Oblivion"

Picture Polish "Orbit"***
Picture Polish "Peacock"***
Picture Polish "Time Warp"
Picture Polish "Columbia"***
Picture Polish "Illusionist"

Piggy Polish “Midnight fireflies”

Pretty and Polished "Tomboyish"
Pretty and Polished "April Showers"
Pretty and Polished "Dolli-Pop"
Pretty and Polished "Cuttlefish"

Pretty Serious "Hot Summer Nights"
Pretty Serious "Seasonal Sunset"

Pupa Bubbles Nail Art Kit "012 Icy Mint Multicolor"

Pure Ice "All night long"
Pure Ice "Suedes" any of the colors

Quirios "The Arabian Nights"

Rainbow Polish "Merry Mistletoe"
Rainbow Polish "Scarab Beetle"
Rainbow Polish "Teal Diamond"

RBL- Mismas (hot purple)
RBL- Concrete Jungle (lt. grey)
RBL- Recycle (dark green)
RBL- No More War
RBL -Forgiveness
RBL- Smile
RBL- Pause
RBL- Become One
RBL - Forgotten Road
RBL - Small, Dim Summer Stars

Revlon "Urban"
Revlon ColorStay "Indigo Night"
Revlon ColorStay "Midnight"

Ruby Kisses "Deal with the Devil"
Ruby Kisses "Regaled out blue"

Ruby Wing "Gypsy"
Ruby Wing "Eternal"
Ruby Wing "Fresh Linen"
Ruby Wing "Sweet Cream"
Ruby Wing "Cinnamon Bun"
Ruby Wing "Wanted Dead or Alive"***

Rococo "Andromedia"

$OPI “Go with the Flow-er”
$OPI "Social Climber"
$OPI "Opening Night"

Sally Hansen "Nail Prisms" "Turquoise Opal"
Sally Hansen "Blush Opal"
Sally Hansen "Purple Heart(sqr.btl)"
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat "Laughie Taffy"
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Quick Jeanius"
Sally Hansen CSM "Night Watch"
Sally Hansen CSM "Twinkle Toes-ty"

Sation "Paint some sugar on me" Candylandia Collection 

Sephora Pantone Color Of The Year 2013 Set (3 green mini polishes)

Shimmer Polish  Lorene
Shimmer Polish  Rochelle
Shimmer Polish  Adrienne
Shimmer Polish Wendy
Shimmer Polish Gerry
Shimmer Polish Cindy
Shimmer Polish Linna

Sinful “Blue Ocean” #355
Sinful “Deep Blue Ocean” #168
Sinful "Beau Khaki"

Sonia Kashuk "Purple Rain"

Sonoma Nail Art "Grape Stomp"
Sonoma Nail Art "Pumpkin Hurl"

Spa Ritual "Optical Illusion"
Spa Ritual "It's raining men"
Spa Ritual "Imagine"
Spa Ritual "Sacred Ground"

Super Black Lacquer "Becky"
Super Black Lacquer "Drunk Dial"
Super Black Lacquer "HBIC"
Super Black Lacquer "Sweet Hook"
Super Black Lacquer "The Whole"
Super Black Lacquer  "The Bends"

Tins- Would love to try this brand

Trelly's M.I.S.C. Polish "Sunset Boat Ride"
Trelly's M.I.S.C. Polish "Your Egg Needs A Dye Job"

Twilight "Wine and Dine, Citrus, Sugar Plum, Debutante"

Urban Decay "Cult"

Verity Nail Lacquer- any color
Verity Nail Lacquer "Deep Violet"

Vollare Roxy "353"

YSL "Jade Imperial"
YSL "Corail Colisee"
YSL "Corail Divin"
YSL "Violine Surrealiste"

ZOYA “ Juno”
ZOYA "Anaka"
ZOYA "Akyra"
ZOYA "Malia"
ZOYA "Juicy"

Mango Mend
Hand Cream
Pin It!