Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Lippmann's

She's done it again, Deborah Lippmann is a genius!

I for one can not wait to get my paws on "Today Was A Fairytale"...gorgeous!!!

You can get these new babies on her site HERE 

"Boom Boom Pow" would look hot over your favorite nude, taupe or black! :P

Getcha Nails Did has a great swatch of this one HERE 
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OPI Midnight Blue Glitter: Round 2

Okay so I already posted about my bottle of OPI Midnight Blue Glitter HERE

But now I've layered it over some other colors...

Index: 2 coats of Orly "Matte Vinyl", 1 coat of OPI "Midnight Blue Glitter
Middle: China Glaze "Recycle", 1 coat of OPI "Midnight Blue Glitter
Ring Finger: Orly "Blue Suede",1 coat of OPI "Midnight Blue Glitter
Pinkie:1 coat of OPI "Midnight Blue Glitter

My favorites are the ones layered over the black and the grey :)

Its a glitter, that has a black jelly base, and the glitter is black, grey, teal, and dark blue, very interesting.Perfect for layering! :):)

Yep, the grey is my favorite :)  Don't forget to enter my China Glaze giveaway HERE
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nail Fail

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Okay so I have two great polishes that NEVER should be combined!!!

"Matte Vinyl"
2 coats

Love this polish, this reminds me of the black chalk boards in school, we had green chalk boards too, but the black boards were cooler...LOL!  2 coats, no issues!!

Then I added a top coat and lordie, I love this look glassy shiny..soo simple, soo hot!

Cute huh?  Then I decided to add China Glaze, "Dreamsicle", 1 coat.

Ick, ick, ick! It's ghoulish and cool, but it is NOT Halloween yet, and I am NOT impressed. 

The China Glaze was goopy, but the glitter and opaqueness is soo awesome I thought it would be good over black...I was wrong! 

By itself GREAT, layered bad, very very bad!

No., No , No..these two shall never meet again, do you agree??

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New hauls and more "Magical" pics :)

OPI DS "Coronation", DS "Mystery" and DS "Magic"

China Glaze "2Nite", OPI "Jewel of India", OPI "Glacier Bay Blues"

Color Club "Worth the Risque", Orly "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe", Zoya "Kelly"

Love & Beauty "Orchid", Milani "HiRes", Sally "Mystic Lilac", Confetti "Moonstruck"

Orly Cosmic FX, "Its not rocket Science",, "Space Cadet" and "Galaxy Girl"

China Glaze Awakening Collection Halloween 2010

Sinful "Airy", "Rich in heart", "Shining Heart", "Let's go girls".

Sinfuls, 3 of them are from my niece Nic, who works at the airport and met a passenger who didn't know if her polish could go TSA, my niece said they could go thru, but the woman gave her the polish anyway.

She immediately thought of me :) So sweet!  The other (Rich In Heart) I bought at Walgreen's during their sale.

 Here are some more pics of DS Magic, can you tell how much I love this color? :):)

Can you see it? Can you see the purple flash?  This is 3 coats with a top coat of it!!!!

This color is WAY more blue than OPI Ink, it reminds me more of Orly "Lunar Eclipse" or Sally Hansen "Laser"...I have "OPI Ink" and "Laser" so I need to do a comparison, that will come next week.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy, Lazy weekend

Ever have one of those weekends, where you acomplished a whole hell of a lot on Saturday but Sunday was a complete bust!

Yeah that's what happened to me.

Saturday I spent the day at the "International Bead and Jewelry Show", feeding my other hobby, jewelry making, and Sunday I stayed in all day making jewelry and watching blogging what so ever!

But I did get in some great polish shopping during the week, and guess what I picked up???

Hee hee, I'll post haul pics tomorrow
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Friday, September 24, 2010

!!!!!!!!!!GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!

Okay Here it is!!

I have been so SUPER DUPER fortunate lately and I have won a lot of giveaways, so I saved my money and went shopping for my 4 giveaways...all for you my readers, and fellow bloggers!!!

This is the first of them!

One Person will be drawn to receive...

The full China Glaze Halloween 2010 "Awakening Set" with the Fast Forward Top Coat


To add on top, China Glaze Ghoulish Glow, China Glaze Matte Magic and Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure"
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Blackened Blue Collection and Comparison

Okay I've already admitted I am a certifiable "blue whore" when it comes to polish RIGHT?..but did I mention I have an especially special place in my heart for blackened teal blues?!?...yeah... no, I didn't think so!  :) :)

A reader, "aminahsmom", asked me about similar colors when I posted about my Barielle "Blackened Bleu", and that's what started it all, thanks for the suggestion :)

So I have 6 blackened blues to show and compare,  here is the line up:

3 coats of each
Thumb: Nicole by OPI "It gets dark early"
Index: Zoya "Kotori"
Middle: China Glaze "Blk Bila Bong"
Ring: Barielle  "Blackened Bleu"
Pinkie: Sinful "See you soon"

The Zoya is gorgeous, but far more teal blue than black!

Pretty huh!  Well since I was only born with 5 digits on one hand, I had to swipe out the Zoya and put on another blackened blue..

Sinful "Whats your name?"- Index finger

Above Sinful "Whats your name" is on the index, the rest remain the same. What do you think?

In my opinion, The China Glaze and the Barielle are the closest, the color base and the glitter size are very similar. If you don't have one, but you have the other, you are good to go! :)

The Sinful "see you soon" and the Nicole, are similar in that their glitter size is smaller than the previous two, and these two are a cross between a glitter and a shimmer, and they both lean a little more green than the previous two. 

Sinful's "Whats your name?" far more black based and the glitter is actually more of a duo chrome that flashes teal and purple.  This polish I would say is close to OPI's "Unripened" ( I do not have this, I've just seen it in the stores).

I saw that there is a new sinful, released for Halloween 2010, that is another "Blackened Blue" off I go...are there anymore blackened blue polishes lingering out there?...let me know !

I will continue my quest until I can put one color on every digit of my hands and feet :P:P
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RGB: A hit and a miss

A couple months ago I took advantage of RGB's buy one get one free deal and ordered 2 polishes.  I never tried this brand, so I figured...why not. 

This polish is $14 each, so I couldn't pass up a buy one get one free deal..right? *nod head in agreement* Thanks :)

First up!

2 coats

There were huge bald spots with the first coat, but the 2nd layered nicely and the bald spots were all gone. 

This color was/is described as "light blue grey"....but to me it just looks grey/white.

I was so unhappy with this  polish when I ordered it that I emailed the company telling them that the polish looked nothing like the color is the link to the DOVE pictured online.... Does it look like the above color? UH HUH....YEAH! I does, but in real life it looks more like the color pictured in the outside shots!..UUGGHH!!!

Now ....customer service told me that the color monitors on computers are different and thus the color may look different on the screen than what I actually received..UH HUH..OKAY RGB...whatever you say *roll my eyes*.

Damn it!!!!!, this polish is "grey white" and actually looks like a real dove, but it is NOT what you described as "blue grey white"..I see no blue! 

The picture below is more color accurate than the above pic...I'm annoyed! :)

The polish was very smooth and easy to control, no issues there, so I still see value in the polish, it just wasn't the color I wanted.

Next is the real bad boy in the bunch

3 coats of fabulous wine jelly!!!!!

OH NELLY....It's a jelly and I love it...its deep and bright and so shiny like a big glass of wine! LOVE IT!

I was drawn to this color and name because my Chinese horoscope sign is the OX/COW/BULL...whatever you call it :).

This color is super elegant and classy and it is just plain awesome!

Ignore the fact that my application of this was crap, I was just in awe of how it looked...have you ever done your nails and just been in awe of a color that your application technique SUCKED?...yeah...that's what happened!

Love it, love it, love it...if you ever get an RGB polish...get this one! Gorgeous!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gosh: Bright Passion

I bought this polish from another blogger sale and fell in love at first sight!

I decided to show this polish in two ways, plain and layered...first up plain.

Bright Passion
2 coats

Dark grey jelly base with rectangular holographic glitter. No way is this going to be opaque under 6 coats..LOL...and even then your nails will be about 3 inches thick with polish :)

Here you can see the glitter a little better.  But this polish is WAY better over another color, so I grabbed my trusty Wet n Wild black creme and went to work.

1 coat Wet n Wild Black Creme
1 coat Bright Passion

One coat over the black, and BAM! now THIS is BRIGHT PASSION! :)

There's a disco party on my nails..woo hoo!  Here are a couple blurry shots so you can see the bling!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

OPI DS Extravagence

Love the color on this one, gorgeous!

OPI DS Extravagance
2 coats

Love this color and I love the brush! The brush seriously in all polishes can make the difference between loving a polish or hating it...nothing is worse than a bad brush...can I get an amen...AMEN!

I had no sun when I wore this, so I did my best with my crappy flash and indoor lighting :)

This is a great fuchsia color, deep in color, rich so luxurious!

Here is a crappy overcast shot! :)

My DS collection is growing, 9 so far,  I think I need to do a post just of DS, how many OPI DS's do you have? Are you going to get the 2 new ones?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!  Y'all come back now...ya here! :)
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