Friday, September 28, 2012

I totally forgot.....

I had swatches of the China Glaze Safari Collection (do you remember back that far), and I never posted them, wow, *smack me stupid* LOL!

I know you ave seen these a million times all over, but it is only of selected colors I purchased, so it will be fast. :)

China Glaze "Elephant Walk", "Man Hunt", "I'm Not Lion", and "I Herd That".

China Glaze
"Elephant Walk", 2 coats, no top coat
Green based grey creme with silver fine shimmer

Love, it's a keeper!

China Glaze
"Man Hunt", 2 coats no top coat
Electric blue creme

Super in love with this color, of course!

China Glaze
"I'm Not Lion", 2 coats, no top coat
Beige multi-colored ultra fine glitter

Very nice and easy to apply, this is a winner!

China Glaze
"I Herd That", 2 coats, no top coat
Burnt orange multi-colored ultra fine glitter

Love this color as well! Actually it was easy to apply :)

Of course I love all of them, I only purchase what I LOVE! LOL! Sorry this is so late, I do not know how these pics got past me :)

Keep It sweet!

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DR.'s REMEDY® PUTS PINK IN THE SPOTLIGHT THIS OCTOBER Get Gorgeous Tips and Give Back During BCA 2012

Pink is the go-to hue this fall as beauty brands tap into every gradation of the standout shade in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Dr.'s REMEDY® leads the way in the fight for the cause by teaming up with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, whose mission is to empower all women affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible with the best quality of life. 

The good-for-you ingredients and lack of toxins in Dr.'s REMEDY®Enriched Nail Polish offers a safer, healthier option for nail care, giving you peace of mind.  And, during the month of October,
Dr.'s REMEDY® is tickled pink to donate 10% of the proceeds from the sales of three pink shades to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, an organization who ensures that women who are newly diagnosed, in treatment, beyond treatment, at high risk or living with metastatic disease are well cared for by providing educational resources and support services relevant to their age at and stage of diagnosis.

Made with organic ingredients, vitamins, wheat protein, tea tree oil, lavender, and garlic bulb extract, Dr.'s REMEDY® 100% Paraben free, vegan nail polish is the #1 podiatrist recommended brand.  So,polish your nails with pride and show your support in the hopes for a better battle with breast cancer with Dr.'s REMEDY® Enriched Nail Polish, the healthier nail polish choice, in three inspiring shades:

HOPEFUL Hot Pink: A Hello Kitty-meets bubble gum shade
NURTURE Nude Pink: A damsel-in-distress, barely there beautiful
PURITY Pink: A ballet slipper, sheer hue 

Dr.'s REMEDY® Enriched Nail Polish is available for $17 online at or by calling 1-877-323-NAIL.

About Dr.'s REMEDY®
Dr.'s REMEDY® is a line of doctor-inspired cosmetics that is dedicated to using clean, hypo-allergenic ingredients. The brainchild of two New York-based podiatrists, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel, Dr.'s REMEDY® proves quintessentially-perfect for any person looking to better the condition of her skin and nails. Their Enriched Nail Polish is the first-ever nail polish on the market created by doctors and approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.  Made with organic ingredients, vitamins, wheat protein, tea tree oil, lavender, and garlic bulb extract, Dr.'s REMEDY® vegan nail polish is the #1 podiatrist recommended brand.  Dr.'s REMEDY® is sold online at or by calling 1-877-323-NAIL.

About Living Beyond Breast Cancer
For twenty years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) has been empowering women to live as long as possible with the best quality of life regardless of educational background, social support or financial means. Founded in 1991, LBBC has been committed to providing national educational programs and services that include a website,; a toll-free Survivors' Helpline, (888) 753-LBBC (5222); national conferences; free teleconferences; networking programs; quarterly newsletters; publications for medically underserved women; healthcare-provider trainings; recordings and the Paula A. Seidman Library and Resource Center.

*Info sent by PR.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

NEW! Save on Fall's Hottest Nail Trends with the JulieG Collection by Jesse's Girl.

"Everyone knows that well-manicured nails are the perfect complement to any outfit. So just like you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall, the same should be done with the polish colors you’ll be sporting in the upcoming season. To stay on-trend without breaking the bank, do your nails at home with polishes from the JulieG Collection by Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics! Created by nail guru Julie Gutierrez (aka JulieG 713 on YouTube), you’ll be rocking a fashion-forward manicure until the last leaves fall from the trees. "

 "When it comes to your manicures this fall, go for the (metallic) gold. While Essie’s ‘Good as Gold’ gives a shining color to nails, the real prize could be saving a few dollars by going with a bottle of JulieG in Metallic Heels, which retails for just $3.99. Not only does it give nails a rich, antique gold color, but a salon-quality finish just like Essie’s polish (but at a fraction of the price!) " 

"One polish shade that’s proven it’s here to stay is ‘greige’. Even though this shade is the perfect neutral for the season, would you spend $8.00 on a bottle of OPI’s ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’ when you do know that you could get an equally good color for half the price? With JulieG in Stiletto, you’ll be strutting your stuff in this universally flattering shade that also contains a subtle shimmer."

"Now that temperatures are beginning to drop, what better way to reflect that than with a new shade of blue nail polish? While you could shell out $18.00 for Deborah Lippmann’s ‘Magic Man,’ you could also pay a third of that price for JulieG in Kickin’ It. Now you can kick back and chill out by rocking a cool, blue frost color on your nails all season long!"

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics is available at Rite Aid and

*Info. sent by PR

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Last of my summer manicures...

I found these pics in my files, these are the last shots of my summer manicures...I promise! But in my defense it is still 100 degrees here, so all the sunshine is totally fooling me! :).

Zoya "Myrta" and "Chloe". I painted 2 coats of "Myrta" on the index and pinkie finger. Then I tipped the center 2 nails and topped them all with "Chloe".  That's it!

The idea of pairing these two together was not my own, but the BRILLIANT idea of my friend Elizabeth A. at Lacquered Lizard. 

I took these pics in the indirect light of my patio cover, so that you can see how fabulous and awesome the flakes are, and how well the base tones of the 2 polishes match :)

Myrta is a warm medium orange based coral shimmer, and "Chloe" has a coral tinted jelly with multi-colored flakes.  This is was a great idea to pair them together, thanks Elizabeth :)

Keep It Sweet!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coco Rae: The "Fall in Love" Collection Set

New color from Coco Rae

The $45 set includes: E-Lectrifying Love", "Pinky Promise", "Forbidden Lust", "Can't Leave You Alone", and "Stop Tealing With Me".

Coco has also added some new 3pc sets to her site. 

The "Birthday" Collection, $25

The "Ambitious" Collection, $25

"The "Sea Grass" Collection, $25

The "Vonnie" Collection, $25

You can get these colors and more at .

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Color Club: Halo Hues Collection release date Oct. 4th

Mark your calendar! 

Visit on October 4th for the much anticipated release of the Halo Hues™ Collection.

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Purple Crack....

Tonight PRINCE will be performing in Chicago, my old home town. :( Alas.... I did not buy tickets, because I have other commitments, and I know I can do a lot more with my money than buy a concert ticket AND plane ticket......but I was THIS close to going, trust me!!!

So in honor of the concert, I WON'T be seeing (I've seen him in concert 4 times), here is a purple manicure, that I did a while ago and frankly forgot all about... until today! :)

2 coats of Essence "Where is the Party?" under 1 coat of China Glaze "Fault Line".

The essence is a duo-chrome shimmer, with flashes of green, purple, and sometimes silver, hey I guess that makes it a multi-chrome shimmer ;)

It applied easily in 2 coats, it was a bit runny on the first coat, but the second coat went on nicely. Once it was dry to the touch I applied one coat of the China Glaze crackle.  It is hard to capture the chrome flashes in the pics, but in person, it is very obvious on the nail. :)

Since the crackle dries with a slight matte texture, I applied my usual top coat to help it dry and give it shine! I know we've all seen crackles and we are "over them", but I think it's nice to be reminded how much we initially liked them and were intrigued by them in the beginning. :)

Overall I really like this manicure even though my camera did not, LOL :)

Keep It Sweet!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

OPI Suede and tape manicure!

Hello and happy Monday or not so happy Monday depending on how well your Monday is going, LOL :)

I was having some fun with green painters tape.  and decided to try my hand at a tape manicure. I warn you some nails are more exciting and well done than others...

I decided to use 3 OPI Suede colors I owned. OPI "Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede", OPI "Russian Navy" Sued, and OPI "OPI Ink" Suede.

I first started with a manicure of "Here Today Aragon Tomorrow" topped with top coat to make it shine.  Then I followed up with pieces of green painters tape cut out and applied to my nail, and then stroked on the other 2 colors in random areas of the nail.

Topped it with top coat to give it that sparkle, and that was it. Next time I will choose more contrasting colors, so the pattern really stands out.  I loved working with 3 of my OPI Suede colors, this collection delivers great sparkle once they are topped with top coat . :)

The thumb is my favorite!

Keep It Sweet!
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

RGB: So Long For Now

Get them before they are gone!

One of the colors that is "going away" is "Dove". I have it,  and I have swatched it HERE


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Friday, September 21, 2012

Tomorrow is football day...

Yep, another day of watching my nephew and other 8-10yr olds play football!!!!  Since I have not decided what manicure I'm going to sport tomorrow for the big game, here is the manicure I sported a couple weeks ago.

I used the saran wrap method. If you are not sure what this is, here is a the tutorial I followed from NAILED IT.

American Apparel "Passport Blue" and China Glaze "Champagne Bubbles".

First I stated with 2 coats of "Champagne Bubbles "..

Can you see the bubbles? This is a very pretty Dijon mustard yellow shimmer with silver glitter. Dries fast and smooth, no issues.

Once it was dry to the touch, I painted each nail with 1 coat of the AA color, and used little balls of Saran Wrap and dabbed the top of the nail, until I achieved the right mix of colors. Then I moved on to the next nail, and ....

Because I used such a dark color on top, clean up was a mess! Definitely won't do this again with a dark color on top. Don't make my mistake,  I've seen this manicure done with lighter colors on top, and it is great!. :)

Almost has a tie dye effect, very unique! :)

Very funky... very easy, I love it!  Let's Go Wildcats!

Keep It Sweet and Happy Friday!

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