Thursday, May 22, 2014

KBShimmer Spring 2014 Swatches: Review Part 2

Okay here is Part 2 of my KBShimmer Spring Review!

That amazing bottle sitting by itself is  KBShimmer "Prism Break", and I applied it to all 6 colors.  Even though my crappy picture does not do it justice...TRUST ME it is amazing!

Let's first start off with the the first six cremes.

KBShimmer "My Life's Porpoise"
2 coats, no top coat

This is a lovely cool toned dolphin grey creme. It's the perfect grey creme for Spring. Applied well in two coats, no issues.  This would look great under the KBS glitter "Make My Gray", from yesterdays post.

KBShimmer "A Touch Of Glass"
2 coats, no top coat

Oh I like this one A LOT.  It reminds me of a lighter, mintier version of the "Tiffany's color" that everyone tries so desperately to recreate. It is cool toned creme and a very soft shimmer added, quite feminine.  I am sure this is a color that would look great on everyone. Applied perfectly in two coats.  :)

KBShimmer "Pansy-Monium"
2 coats, no top coat

This is a great purple creme.  This is a Spring time staple for any polish collection. It is a medium toned purple, so it should look amazing on a variety of skin tones. Applied well in two coats, no issues .

KBShimmer "Sky Jinks"
2 coats, no top coat

This is a bright blue creme, ,applied well in two coats, no issues. As a "blue lover", I feel everyone should have a color like this on their toes, or hands at some point this summer...That's an order, LOL!

KBShimmer "Honeydew"
2 coats, no top coat

This is a dusty melon green creme. I love this color, and I feel it is unique because it has more yellow in it,  which makes it stand out among my other pastel greens.  I like how it is a pastel, yet bright at the same time. It applied perfectly in two coats, no issues.

KBShimmer "Eclipse"
2 coats, no top coat

Oh yeah, what can I say..this polish is gorgeous! Look how glassy it is!  It is almost a ONE coater, but I applied two coats, because I loved how deep it was. This is PURE BLACK and I love it!

Now...don't get me wrong, all of these cremes are gorgeous and I definitely have my favorites, but none of them hold a candle to "Prism Break" the holographic top coat.

Watch what it does when you apply 2 coats on top of these beauties.

Yep... and if you want to wear this over black or another dark color, all you need is ONE COAT!

Overall, I'm sure you can guess which is my favorite..."Prism Break", hands down.  Following in a very close lineup for second are "My Life's Porpoise", "A Touch Of Glass", and "Honey Dew List".

You can grab anyone of these colors nad more at or,  if you are not in the US.

Keep It Sweet!

*Products were provided by PR for review. 
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

KBShimmer Spring 2014 Swatches: Review Part 1

Don't shoot me, I decided to split up the KBShimmer Spring Collection review into two parts. I really had fun swatching these, and my pictures got a little out of hand, LOL!

KBShimmer "Belle Of The Mall"
2 coats, no top coat

This is a pink coral jelly glitter packed with silver glitter in a variety of shapes and sizes. This color is great and the effect with the silver glitter is perfect for Spring.  Application was good in two coats, but you may want to apply three coats if you want perfect opacity for the tips. :)

KBShimmer "Quick And Flirty"
2 coats, no top coat

OMG! Seriously, this is an amazing polish! WOWZA! This is a purple holographic polish, and it is amazing. The holo effect is strong once you get outside, STUNNING! Applied perfectly in 2 coats, but since holo's tend to be thin, I would do three coats if you want this to last an entire week :)

KBShimmer "Make My Gray"
3 coats, no top coat

A grey based glitter, I don't think I have ever seen a grey based glitter, but I can say I am extremely happy I have this one. It's a light grey crelly base with added pink, turquoise and grey glitter.  It is unique and I LOVE IT! Application was easy, and this glitter is build-able and can be paired with your favorite grey creme, or with KBShimmers "My Life's Porpoise" (coming up tomorrow) :)

KBShimmer "Life Rose On"
1 coat, no top coat

One coat...AMAZING! This rose colored creme is perfect for the fast pedicure or manicure, one coat and you are "Spring Time" ready!

KBShimmer "Rush Flower Traffic" 1 coat over "Life Rose On"

Wow, I'm in LOVE! This glitter topper covered spectacular in ONE coat. It delivered the perfect amount of glitter with no fuss. I love the pairing of the square and round glitters mixed with the hexs....PERFECT!

KBShimmer "Chick Me Out"
3 coats, no top coat

Who can so "No" to a spring time yellow creme. Not me, LOL!  Yes, it took three coats to get it perfect, but I have yet to find a yellow creme that didn't require 3 coats or more on me. This shade is bright, without being NEON and it is the perfect egg yolk yellow. :)

KBShimmer "Laugh Myself Lily"
3 coats, no top coat

Not a fan. I don't know if it's the color blue crelly used as the base, or the glitter pairings of blue, pink, silver, gold and purple, but this one does not do "IT" for me. Application was fine, no issues there, it's just not my kind of glitter.

KBShimmer "Full Bloom Ahead"
3 coats, no top coat

This is great!  White crelly based polish with a mix of spring like colored glitters in varying shapes and sizes. Love, love, love..but I am a HUGE fan of white based glitters, so it's likely that I would love any white based glitter polish.  The application was great, no issues.

KBShimmer "Daisy About You"
3 coats, no top coat

I'm on the fence with this one. I love the light green crelly base, but I don't like the super tiny purple glitters added. However, I love the pairing of the green and the purple, they are complimentary colors and they look great together. Application was great, no issues.

Oh yeah, this collection is off to a good start...can't wait to show you the rest tomorrow :) Until then...

Keep It Sweet!

*Product provided by PR for review.

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