Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm leaving for vacation...

...and I totally planned on arranging post to automatically post while I was gone, but I didn't get to it.

After planning, shopping and packing, I am exhausted and left with only 2 hours before I leave, so I'm soo sorry for leaving you with nothing to look at while I'm gone. :(

Please forgive me, but I promise when I return on July 10th, I'll resume my usual post and I will have lots of pictures to show you from Singapore and Bali Indonesia!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 duochrome colors from Scherer "Chameleon": Swatches

Today I have 4 duo-chrome colors from Scherer "Chameleon". This fabulous brand can be found at your local Rite Aid drugstore for around $2.99 a bottle, and they are amazing!!!!!

Top: Left to Right: Calypso, Blue Sky.
Bottom: Left to Right: Waltz Nucleus.

Left to Right: Calypso, Blue Sky, Waltz and Nucleus. 

2 coats, no top coat

In indirect light...

Calypso, is so delicate and pretty. Pretty bright lilac shimmer with flashes of pink, silver and green in low light.  I wasn't expecting to see green, but it's there...*it IS there right?*...LOL!

"Blue Sky"
2 coats, no top coat

In indirect light...

Blue Sky is gorgeous! Bright blue and Purple duo-chrome with flashes of green and darker blues and it's just breathtaking. This color is a MUST for everyone. :)

It reminds me of OPI "Glacier Bay Blues", but lighter. The "Glacier Bay Blues" is definitely darker, but Blue Sky is like "Glacier Bay Blue's" little lighter sister. :)

2 coats, no top coat

In indirect light...

Waltz is awesome! I can not do "the dance", but I can wear this color, LOL!  Waltz is a great indigo shimmer with flashes of bright midnight blue. In indirect light, the brightness is toned down, and you get really pretty waves of purple and blue melted perfectly together. :)

Wowza! does this polish speak to me!

2 coats no top coat

In indirect light...

Nucleus is an inced wine shimmer with flashes of arctic blue and silver, so, so pretty! In indirect light the flashes turn to a more burnished green with a little bit of teal shining thru.

This color totally reminds me of the old Maybelline color "Vanishing Venus", I swatched it HERE last year, and by looking at the 2 swatches, they look mighty close. :) I will have to compare these later.

Overall, these colors are great finds, and if you like duo-chrome colors that flash and change then you must add them to your collection. :) They all applied very well with 2 coats, but on "Nucleus", I will do 3 coats, just to get that completely saturated look :).

Al1 4 had a good consistency, and none of them were thick and goopy, thus they dried really fast. Win win all around!!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FOUR Shades of Grey: Pure Ice Swatches and Review

"When you are not busy enthralled in the world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, take a break and do your nail"

Here are 4 fabulous greys and silver from Pure Ice...

Pure Ice
"Kiss Me Here"
2 coats, no top coat

Topped with Pure Ice "Lightning Strikes", with 1 coat of top coat

In the shade...

This is my favorite! It's super easy, and even-though you can create this color using other greys and crackles, you can't deny that it looks great!

Pure Ice
"Silver Mercedes"
2 coats, no top coat

With careful coats, this polish is almost perfectly streak free, I'm very happy with this silver stunner.

Topped with Pure Ice "Lightning Strikes", with 1 coat of top coat

In the shade...

This totally reminds me of used foil after you've balled it up, and then try and smooth it out, Love the "used foil" look :)

Pure Ice
2 coats, no top coat

In the shade...

I could have easily layered this over "Kiss me Here" or "Silver Mercedes", but I honestly like it all by itself. It looks like my nails are "sugar coated", Yummy!

Overall, I like when Pure Ice puts together their existing colors under a common theme, it reinvents each colors, and makes nail polish fun again!  Thanks :) Each color applied nicely, with no real issues. "Silver Mercedes" was a bit streaky, but with careful brush strokes, you can eliminate the streaks.

"Dark, charcoal grey carries with it some of the strength and mystery of black. It is sophisticated color without much of the negative attributes of black.

Ready to see where Pure Ice can take you?"

*Product provided for review
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Duality Cosmetics: Nail Pak, as seen on "Shark Tank" Swatches

Today I have a pretty summer nail color from Duality Cosmetics, the brand is Nail Pak and the color is "Ellen".

Never heard of Nail-Pak? Well let me jog your memory, it was seen on the TV show "Shark Tank", and the owner received offers from 2 investors, and it's actually pretty cool! Here's how it works...

You start with an old manicure that NEEDS TO GO!

( I know it looks pretty perfect, but it was time for a change) :) Grab your chosen Nail Pak color, I have "Ellen", a pretty Tiffany colored creme with slight shimmer.

Unscrew the polish from the plastic bottom..

The first thing you see, is super cute, polka dotted nail file :)  But wait there is more...

Lift up the small black tab (Like a lid) and pull it off...

The file is on once side and can be used to file your nails :) Smart!  Plus inside there are pads with pre-moistened remover inside...

The pads were thin, but you could grab more than one layer, if you needed to remove something really stubborn. Each pad is pre-moistened with non-acetone nail polish remover :)

There were enough pads to remove my old manicure on both hands and I still had a lot to spare There are 40 pads per container. (I can verify this, I counted). Nice! :)

And if you have pads left over just replace the seal and the remaining pads stay moist (I used the remaining pads the next day and they were just as moist as when I first opened them)...getting better!

And now for the actual color?

3 coats, no base coat, no top coat.

I think this all in one nail combo may strike some of you as silly, but it actually is very cool for several reasons.

1. The polish bottle size is .80n fl. oz., .30 fl. oz more than your standard OPI bottle.

2. Non-acetone nail polish remover with pads, all in one location that can be reused over and over once you re-apply the file lid.

3. The nail file, that is comfortable and rough enough to use on your nails, and can be used to even out the roughest edge.

4. "Soft Touch" brush handle, is comfortable and make application easier.

5. The polish is "3 Free", and does not have the top 3 chemical found in nail polish. It is chip resistant, and salon strength.

And long after the remover pads are gone, you will always have the file and polish to use over, and over again.  The polish applied nicely, but still needed 3 coats to get some pesky bald spots, but dried to a smooth shine.

If I had to do my manicure on the go, I would definitely use this product. These are perfect for birthday parties as party favors, or bachelorette and wedding showers favors, especially if the brides name can be found among the names in the polish collection.

Stay connected with them thru Facebook Pinterest,  and Twitter

  Check out their site Duality Cosmetics for all their colors and collections, each Nail Pak is $20.

*Product provided by PR for review.

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