Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catrice: I sea you

This color was interesting, it kinda blue, kinda green, kinda aqua...... but DEFINITELY GORGEOUS!

"I Sea You"
2 coats

Gorgeous dusty aqua teal green creme, I wasn't wowed by the color in the bottle, but on the nail, it melted my heart!

So pretty and subtle! Love this color!

I t was super easy to apply, no complaints, opaque in 2 coats and there ya go!

I really love Catrice polishes, and I would probably own more, if I didn't have to swap for it. :):)

This was in indirect sunlight facing my patio door, see the glassy effect!  ...and this is with NO topcoat!

If you look closely in my nails you can see the reflection of me and my mom staring at my nails...LOL!
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Start of Catrice Week!

This is the beginning of my Catrice week posts! :)

I have had the fortunate pleasure of swapping with several great ladies in Europe to get these babies and I love them all !:)

Thank You fellow bloggers):)

Starting off with...

"I scream peach!"

So pretty in just 2 coats.  This polish was a bit thick, pretty much like every polish that is ether yellow or orange/coral.  Must have something to do with the pigments used to make these colors!

I really love this creamy color, its bright without being too neon-ey...I love my neon's, but sometimes you just want something a little less "in your face'" than neon's...know what I mean??

This dried very shiny and once I applied my top coat of Seche Vite it was smooth sailing! :)

I went to a wedding this weekend and wore OPI DS "Glow" on my toes and OPI "Snake Charmer" on my hands, so this juicy coral/orange was a welcome change from the bronzed neutrals I wore this weekend :)

Happy Monday! :) and remember keep it sweet!
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Friday, August 27, 2010


I was going to show you my Catrice collection starting today, but yesterday I got a package that literally saved my sanity!

The sweet Suzanne of Delta Cephei   sent me the sweetest RAOK.

It was tiny but potent....and I literally almost sat on it (my receptionist put it on my chair)!

The twins Bonnie and Clyde...I love them!...or because I have them backward in the pic...Clyde and Bonnie! LOL!

Bonnie is the blue cream and Clyde is the glitter with tiny blue glitter and large square silver holographic glitter.

This week has been straight from hell, so bad sometimes that I have been so tired after I get home, that I couldn't even grab a bite to eat, or change my "over chipped" nail polish! I was a wreck!!!

Receiving this yesterday brightened my day immediately....I went home and mustered up the strength to change my polish and apply this baby!

1 coat of each and I was my old self again! Even though I have to change my polish again tonight for  wedding tomorrow, I am so VERY VERY grateful to have this beautiful bright color on my nails :):)

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Suzanne, you saved me, you really did!
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

How do you keep your hands soft?

I love scrubs, creams oils, lotions..all of it, and I have some of everything stashed at home, by the bed, by the couch, in my office, even in the car.

So when I saw an article in Fitness magazine about making your own hand scrub, I thought, "I wonder if anyone else has tried this or would make this besides me?"

Here it is:

1/2 cup dry oatmeal
1/4 cup water
Rub together and scrub your hands and palms, focusing on the cuticles and knuckles. Then rinse and apply a heavy lotion or hand cream.

Also I have a co-worker who uses the little packets of sugar and scrubs her hands under water in the kitchen sink at work....ingenious!

I personally love using sugar and baby oil in the shower if I need a quick scrub or used coffee grounds and olive oil.....awesome body scrub, great for the skin, hell on the shower (that stuff gets everywhere) LOL!

So I ask "What kind of homemade scrub or cream have you created and tried?"

I promise I'll post some pretty nails tomorrow :)
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BB Couture- Pipebender

This polish is awesome!  This was my first BB Couture, and it delivered nicely.

BB Couture
3 coats

Next to holographic polishes, duo-chrome is my 2nd favorite polish type.  I love the flashes of different colors.  This has a dark green base that flashes bright blue and purple. Gorgeous!

I got this from a blogger sale and all I can say is..Thank You , Thank You!

I definitely needed 3 coats, but with every coat the colors intensified and became more like the bottle, perfection!

Here is a blurry side shot so you can see the flash of purple.  I am NOT disappointed in this one AT ALL!

What are some of your favorite duo-chrome colors?

Have a great day!
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Snowcone anyone?

It has been so hot , here in Southern California.  When I got home yesterday at 5:12pm, it was 102 degrees....OYE VAY!

I wish I had a real snow cone waiting for me when I got home, but instead I have this...

"Snow cone"
2 coats

No complaints here, a really pretty bright blue creme, the application was smooth and I just love the color and the cute lip gloss is adorable!!

Just looking at these pics again, makes me feel 10 degree cooler already :)

I think I should have picked up the others from this collection, but of course..I grabbed the blue one first. :)

Okay I have a super busy day, and everyone is coming to me to solve their problems, so I am off and running!  Ever have one of those days? or months? LMAO!

Have a great day and stay cool, :)

Keep it sweet!
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweet Swap and Haul

Merry Monday!

First the great swap I did with Stephanie at Lacquer Lady

I specifically asked for the IsaDora graffiti polish in black, and generally told her what colors i liked.  Perfect match! I'm still waiting to complete her box, it will definitely go out this week! Thanks Stephanie!

She also added this super cute hand made necklace.  I admired a similar necklace on her site, and can you believe she included it in my swap!? I didn't even tell her I liked it, this was meant to be :):)

Here is the graffiti polish I immediately swatched it, over a holo I was wearing.

The pinkie is applied top to tip,.the ring finger is applied from left to right. Two different looks, one great polish! I'm gonna have fun with this one!

Now for the recent Hauls.

Dusty #1, by my job

Yep...I bought 6 of the same color..what color you ask?

A holo.... by the name of "Blue Moon Lagoon", I was so shocked to see it in the discount bin that I only bought one, because I thought for sure it was a dud...until I stepped outside, and saw the holo goodness in the sunlight!.

Then I turned my tail back into the store and bought 5 more.  I will use them for swaps, frankens and giveaways :):)

Dusty #2 in the valley

China Glaze, Rapture, Awakening, CCCourage, Sci-Fi and Blue Island Iced Tea

Orly Pixie Dust, Star of Bombay, Fantasea and Iron Butterfly

OPI- DS Glow, Wing It! and Russian Navy Suede

Zoya Raine and a Milani I picked up on the way home at CVS, from the Haute Value collection, Dress Maker.

It's supposed to be another Chanel Jade dupe, see the pretty green shimmer inside? :)

Thanks for dropping by!
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Friday, August 20, 2010

It gets dark late...

...in the summer time (here in California) , but the polish I have today is the opposite. :)

This is another "kissin cousin to the Barielle, China Glaze,  Sinful and and Nicole "blackened blue teal shimmer" polishes.

A follower of mine "Aaminahs Mom" asked me to do a comparison, and because I have all the cousins together now, I will post them all together on one hand next week.

Yeah its obvious I love this color, because I basically bought  it 5 times...LMAO!

Nicole by OPI
"It gets dark early"
2 coats

Blackened teal with a great shimmer, gorgeous!

Love this color! 

This is my thing about OPI...I love their polishes, but what is the real reason for the brands "Nicole by OPI" and "Sephora by OPI"??

Why?? ......Is OPI having "image issues"?

Anybody got the answer?

 Do you like the Nicole polishes?
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My lemming

I received this from a blogger in a blogger sale. Because I recently swatched Barielle's "Blackened Bleu", and they are kissin cousin, it prompted me to do this one too! :)

China Glaze
"Blk Bila Bong"
2 coats

So happy my lovely lemming has finally arrived in my hot little hands!

Lovely blackened blue with an awesome shimmer! Love it!

Look at that baby shine...whoo hoo!

Now I know why this polish is soo hard to find, I think I may need another??  Do you have this polish or any of the colors from this collection??

FYI, I saw the new mini Halloween collection from OPI "Go Goth", and the color "Unripened" is very close to this. 
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Barielle "Berry Blue"

Gorgeous, Blue creme!

Berry Blue
2 coats

This was opaque in 1 coat, but I did 2 coats anyway! This was a great formula, not goopy or thick, it was real easy and applied nicely!

I love colors that are dark, but are bright...does that make sense? 

I wonder how this compares to RBL "Dead Calm" ? 

I'm planning a week of comparison post soon, so I'll add this to the list. :)

This blue reminds me of blue jeans, in fact I have to go jean shopping soon, all my jeans are on their last leg...literally...LOL!,.

There IS one good thing about buying your jeans all at once...good deals and discounts... but the bad thing is they wear all at the same time...leaving me with little to no jeans to wear until I buy new ones....that part sucks. :)

Oh well... off I go to jean shop!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Barielle "Electric Boogie"

Blue with glitter....I'm in love!!!!

Electric Boogie
2 coats

This blue as a "glow from within" kind of shimmer.  Dark Royal blue, with a bright blue shimmer, and then they added multi-blue glitter, so great!

It's glowing!

I really like the Barielle colors, I do not think all their collections are great, but there is always a star within every collection.

Another perfect blue!

See the glitter? It's like stars in a prefect dark blue sky..nothing like Essie "Starry Starry Night", but still pretty!

Love it!
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Barielle "Blackened Bleu"

So dark, so pretty!

I have had tremendous luck lately and I have won A LOT of contest, so as a big thank you to the blog community and to my followers, I am preparing 4 huge giveaway prizes for September/October, 4 weeks, 4 prize packages.

I have to buy my own colors, so stay tuned while I go shopping! :):)

Barielle Blackened Bleu
3 coats

This polish started off thin, but layered nicely.  After the 3rd coat it was bottle "perfect"!

I've heard that this color is close to  Sinful "See you soon", China Glaze "Blk Bila Bong" (coming up this week), and Nicole by OPI "It gets dark early" (coming up this week). 

I think I may compare them all and see if any of them are dupes!

Happy Monday :)
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Friday, August 13, 2010

A unique ....Falling Star

Happy Friday All!!!!

I remember when I first saw this polish on another blog...I thought..."Why did they go and ruin that beautiful blue polish?"..Chunks of rose gold/bronze glitter in a blue base...HUH?!

Boy was I wrong!

Falling Star
2 coats

This is so pretty and unique, I really think Barielle was "before their time" when they decided on this combo...Unique!!

Unfortunately for me, this formula was thick and a bit difficult to get smooth.  Has anyone else experienced this?

No matter how thick it was, it was worth the effort to do this manicure. 

Recently I have been loving holographic polish, but with the introduction of the new China Glaze Halloween glitters, Lippmann's "Across the universe" and "Bad Romance", I think I may go back to my beloved glitters...How about you?
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