Friday, July 30, 2010

Orly La Playa and Finger Paints

So I tried out my new Orly "La Playa", I'm a "blue whore", so when I saw this color with the "top2bottom" top coat paired with it for $1.99, I grabbed the last two and ran for the car...AWESOME!

Orly "La Playa"
1 coat

Love this color ya'll.....soo blue, soo creamy soo pretty, and is opaque in 1 coat...My PRINCE!
Of course if you were to wear this polish alone,  I would suggest two coats...but I had plans for my new Mr. Right!

I added 1 coat each of (index and middle finger) Finger Paints "Easely Entertained" and (ring and pinkie finger) Finger Paints"Sapphire Shimmer".

Then I decided 1 coat isn't enough!

2 coats of each (as described above) with 1 coat of top coat ....PERFECTION! The Finger Paints are not much by themselves (unless you do three coats), but on top of another color....pure magic. 

"Easely Entertained" is a great deep royal blue glitter and "Sapphire Shimmer" is a great blue top coat with holographic glitter!  Neither glitter was incredibly bumpy, 1 coat of Seche Vite and the little bumps would disappear.

"Easely Entertained" is my favorite, it is so deep and rich looking, like there are layers of sapphires in a bucket and you can see the sparkle from each gem layered over one another...GORGEOUS!

These would be great on top of any gray, blue or black polish...or maybe your favorite nude!

Whats your favorite blue polish?

Keep it sweet!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

My First Lippmann and a new discovery

You guys remember the story from a couple weeks ago when I ran to Nordstrom's at 7am to get moisturizer and grabbed this beauty, well here are the full swatches and my newest discovery!

3 coats of perfection, but let me tell you taking this off was a P.I.T.A....I could not believe how bad this glitter stuck to my hand. 

Its a dark blue jelly base with bright blue glitter along with green and blue hexagon larger glitter...GORGEOUS!

I did the "foil method", I did the "soak method" and finally I did the "Jackie Method", I scrapped off the remaining glitter with my teeth!  The big pieces of hexagonal glitter stuck the worse.

No matter how much I may complain about the removal of this little beauty, wearing this was ALL MY PLEASURE! Gorgeous, I loved it, I can not wait to get my hands on "Bad Romance" and the new anniversary collection.

OHHH and my new bathroom at 5pm is the perfect light box for photos (at least its good at sundown)...LMAO!

It's white!
I have a small top window that lets in the sun perfectly at 5-6pm!
It's perfect!

I know I'm certifiable, taking pics in my bathroom, but when I came home and it was too late to catch the sun in my yard after work, I was desperate.

I almost gave up and when I went in my bathroom to wash my hands, I looked up and it hit me.....the blinding sun coming thru my bathroom window....I grabbed the camera, and away I went. 

Don't the pics look good?...LMAO!...I love stupid discoveries like this !
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nicole by OPI New Matte's

You all know the story, I was in Walmart minding my business, looking for a Brita Filter (which I did not find) when all of a sudden I was in inexplicably standing in the nail polish aisle..POOF!.....WTF?!

I swear I'm drawn to this aisle in EVERY store I visit....I'm not alone...right? *crickets in the background*

So I found these, and of course I grabbed the blue one first and then the black.

The Navy Blue was VERY necessary after that horrible matte from OPI "Russian Navy" (that was such a disappointment!)... and when I saw the black, that had to go in my basket as well.

Nicole by OPI- MATTE
"No Limits"
2 coats

YES, I used a base coat and yes it dried fast, but not too fast before I smudged my middle finger ( I semi-fixed it).  It dried Matte as you can see with a really nice shimmer.

And then I added 1 coat of top coat.

Yeah..UH HUH...gorgeous!

To make sure the polish stays shiny, 2 coats of top coat is necessary, the first coat gets semi-sucked into the polish! Succubus!

With these polishes,the shiny sparkly color you see in the bottle is EXACTLY what you get when you add top coat!

Here's the Black "Razzle Dazzler" MATTE, same process used here as well.

Actually the black is a bit cooler than the navy...OMG....Did I just type that?!? Love these mattes.  the wear-time is about 2 days before the first chip, the usual, but with a top coat its longer :)

Also, this past Friday, I broke a nail on my "non-swatch" hand, and so this past weekend I spent the entire time swatching over 35 polishes in my un-trieds, just so I could cut my nail and let them all grow in evenly together, all the while making sure you had nice swatches to look at..instead of my "growing nubbins" :)

I DO NOT suggest this to anyone to do, it made for a VERY VERY long weekend!!!

Happy Hump Day!
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lacquer Coma

About 3 weeks ago I went on a major polish shopping spree, I covered it all.

I bought at stores, I bought online, I bought from bloggers.. if it was a polish I bought was crazy, I was a mad woman!

So now all my polishes have been delivered, I am broke, BUT I have pics!  :) Enjoy!

Online at Barielle, Sale, buy two get one free, plus 20% off entire order. ( I also got my favorite foot cream)

Above: Slate of affairs, Falling Star, Electric Boogie
Below: Slow Motion, Out-Grey-Geous, Blackened Blue

Above: Nordstroms: Lippmann "Across The Universe", Chanel "Paradoxal"
Below: at Rite Aid: Sinful "Let me go", Sally "Purple Pizzazz", Sinful "You just wait"

Below: Sally Hansens on clearance at Walgreens for $2.00, Thinking of Blue, Angel Wings, and Gray by Gray

Below: Walmart: New Mattes from Nicole by OPI "No Limit", and "Razzle Dazzler".

Below: At Ulta, Orly "Snowcone", Orly "Rage", OPI-DS "Extravagance" and ULTA "Atar Ego"

Below: Blogger Sale: Barielle "Berry Blue", OPI "Midnight Blue Glitter", "Nicole "It gets dark early", and as a bonus CG-Atlantis ( a longtime lemming) Thank U Jessica!

Below: At Sally's, Finger Paints "Easely Entertained", Finger Paints "Sapphire Shimmer", CG "Flying Dragon", Orly "LaPlaya" top coat combo (1.99, can you believe that shit, I bought the last two), Orly "Blue Suede".

Below: At Claires, Claires new mood polish in "Flirty/Shy" and at Target Milani "Hi-Tech"

Below: At the Dollar Tree.  Finally my DT got some fabulous old Maybellines, 'bout damn time ..and they came in a duo-pack (2 for 1)....SCORE!!!!:)

Below:Shooting Stars, Jean Jacket, Jaded Blues, Zip Fly

Below:Cotton Candy, Natural Pink, Barely There, and at another DT visit I nabbed "Matte Grey"

Below: Blogger Sale, GOSH "Bright Passion" (holographic rectangular glitter in grey jelly base), BB Couture "Pipe Bender", CG "Atlantis" ( I ordered this before I knew Jessica was sending me another as an extra), Color Club "Fashion Addict", CG "BLK-BILA-BONG" a LOOONNGG time lemming :)

And finally from Fabuloustreet,  Nfu-Oh "Cuticle Remover" , #61, and the Aqua Base.  The Cuticle Remover KICKS ASS!!!!

WHEEWWW! I'm exhausted just looking at all these bottles.

Have you ever been so tired after polish shopping that you don't swatch for a couple days, just so your brain can absorb all the new colors??!

Have a sweet day !!! :)
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Monday, July 26, 2010

My Helmer and My Stash!

Okay so 3 weeks ago I finally took a trip to IKEA to grab a Helmer.

Before the Helmer my polish was stored in the refrigerator, shelves, baskets and boxes, so the Helmer was MUCH NEEDED!

This is the best $39 bucks I have ever spent! ( I should of grabbed two).

The pics are taken from a side angle the handle of the drawer is on the left side of the pics.  They are longer drawers than I thought they would be.  I organized my drawers by brand first.

Here it is!

Top Drawer:
Top coats, treatments, extra tools, stickers decals, empty OPI DS boxes, my moisturizing gloves and socks and bowls for water marble.

2nd Drawer:
Orly, Color Club, Essie, RBL, American Apparel, H&M, and  European brands.

3rd Drawer:
Pure Ice, GAP, Oil of Olay, P10, Essence, LA Colors, Claires, Funky Fingers, ULTA, Victoria Secrets, Express, Butter London

4th Drawer:
L'Oreal, Maybellines, Sally Hansen, Revlon, Sinfuls.

5th Drawer:
China Glaze, Zoya, Diamond Cosmetic, Nfu-Oh.

6th drawer (bottom Drawer):
 OPI and Nicole by OPI.

After I bought the Helmer I noticed the bottles slide in the drawer, so I used some of the Styrofoam from the packaging to take up space in the drawer (that's the white bars in the pics).

Then I went to target the following weekend to get "Shelf  Grip Liners" in black.  That's the textured design you see at the bottom of the drawer.  This helped the slipping issue, and it only took one roll to do all 6 drawers

I also put the heaviest drawers on the bottom, so that when I opened the drawer on the top, the Helmer would not tip.  That would make me cry! :(

So now I have only 1 shelf that is devoted to just "Un-Trieds", here they are, laid out
Spring/Summer Un-trieds

Fall/Winter Un-trieds

Once these have been worn as a full manicure, they will go in the Helmer, but based on my pics, I don't know if they will fit.......LMAO!

Back to IKEA I go :):)
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Friday, July 23, 2010

My purple mermaid

"Mermaid scale", "glass flecked" nail polish is all the rage now and Zoya's "Mimi" is my new favorite purple, a perfect purple mermaid in a bottle.

2 coats and 1 coat of Seche.

Deep purple scales, dark and delicious!

After 3 days I wasn't ready to say good bye, so I gave Mimi a little kick!

1 coat of Nfu-Oh 51....gorgeous!

What makes flakies better?...add it! But beware ladies, this manicure was a pain to remove....P.I.T.A.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

OPI DS Treasure

This polish unlike its "DS Royal" cousin, was a "royal" pain in my ass.

OPI "DS Treasure"
3 coats and 1 coat of Seche.

Thin as shit!

So after wearing it for less than 24 hours, I decided to do a base coat of a nude polish by Color Club and 2 coats of "DS Treasure"

Ahhhhh, much better! Topped this baby off with 1 coat of Seche and THIS is  what I wanted!

A beautiful orange shimmer with a bright orange/yellow flash, Perfect!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OPI DS Royal

This polish was a great polish to work with.

 3 coats, and 1 coat of Seche.

I really loved this polish and hated taking it off.  4 days and it was still fabulous.

I think it actually looks better in the shade?! :)

It is a great purple shimmer that comes alive in the sun and in the shade.  It flashes blue and hot pink, gorgeous!

I'll let the pics. do the talking.

I heard on Body and Soul that OPI is releasing 2 new DS's, I can not wait to get my hands on them! How about you?

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