Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beyond The Misteletoe Holiday Collection 2011: Swatches and Review

Hello my sugar babies! Today I have the Holiday Collection for Color Club, "Beyond The Mistletoe". 

This collection was and still is, very sought after, and for GOOD reason :)

"Holiday Splendor"
2 coats

Hands down the favorite from the collection :) Holographic glitter suspended in a green jelly base...LOVE!!!! In real life, it sparkles far more than my pictures depict...come on ya'll it's hard to capture MAGIC like this..LOL :)

"Sugarplum Fairy"
2 coats

Wow! Look at this bad boy shine! Gorgeous light lilac holographic glitter, it's stunning! :)

"Candy Cane"
2 coats

Love the name, because I love candy canes!!!  This is a soft pink holographic glitter, which actually has bits of purple and blue glitter in it. Even though it is a pink, it's very pretty!

"Beyond The Mistletoe"
2 coats

Teal based holographic glitter, and it is very nice. This one is more sheer than the others, so 3 coats may be needed, or you can layer your favorite aqua shade under it, to give it added depth :)

2 coats

Gold holographic doesn't get much blingier than that! I like this one because the gold is NOT brassy, it's softer and prettier on my hands, in my opinion.

"Jingle Jangle"
 2 coats

Blue based holographic glitter, that shines with a little silver glitter as well. This was thin and a bit "patchy" as well, and I would probably wear this with 3 coats, or 2 coat over my favorite crisp light blue. So soft and pretty! :)

This collection reminds me of fairies, and little iridescent tinted wings. Like most glitters, these dry gritty, so 2 coats of top coat are needed, at a minimum. None the less, I love this collection, it is the lighter, prettier side of the holidays! My favorites are "Holiday Splendor", "Beyond The Mistletoe", and "Sugarplum Fairy", but seriously if you spot this collection, they ALL are WINNERS!!!!

Keep It Sweet!

*Products provided for review by Color Club PR.

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AllThingsNails! said...

I think Gingerbread is my favorite...

Rainbowify Me said...

Holiday Splendor looks great. I feel lucky knowing that it's on its way to me in the mail. :)

Selene and Theia said...

I just got this collection and I love it! Only down side is the pain to take off. But its definitely worth it!

Anonymous said...

I picked this one up at Ross, and I agree it is a great collection! I love all of the holo glittery goodness!! :-)